March Madness: March Results 2021

By Betman | Betting | 17 Apr 2021


For Betman, March is usually the toughest month for betting and netting the profit at BetScorum or any of other bandit bookies. But you did destroy Betman once again. Therefore, the cooling time has come…

Having almost imperceptible recovery in February and counting on March insanity, Betman sent only one tip in March, and with the worst wishes for Chelsea. And that one actually went well!

Mar. 4th: Liverpool FC vs. Chelsea FC X2 @1.56 😁 0:1

Everything atypical for the rest of the months, becomes typical in March! Everything goes crazy. People are crazy the whole year, but only in March sports results goes crazy, crazy politician go insane… and Nature also goes crazy in this month.


It was obvious from the very beginning this is going to be a hard year for betting. This successful Chelsea tip was the only true win Betman had in March. Everything else was a mild disaster:
In this crazy March SCR went over one cent (it is still there) – but people almost forgot at BetScorum platform and its advantages. Don’t ask me about advantages, I would rather continue about forgetfulness. Betscorum members remembered to invest mere 1903.07 SCR Which is really good, because with a larger investment Betman could go bankrupt… OK, default in NewSpeak. With such a modest investment the bravest among you lightened Betman’s wallet for 229.58 SCR. Can’t imagine what would be if you did invest 20,000 or 200,000 SCRs… Too scary! What would be a loss at -12.06% ROI? No, Betman refuses to use imagination for horrors. He would rather end this text with a little more bragging. You see, first April tip also went well, and it was El Clásico!

Apr. 10th: Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona 1 @2.78 😁 2:1

It is nice to end with a positive note, but Betman will have to invest a bit less in Betting until better times…

If they ever come!


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