Inter Milano vs. SSC Napoli – Prediction

By Betman | Betting | 28 Jul 2020

Despite all Betman’s efforts to demotivate the remnants of Scorum membership from betting at BetScorum (and in general), a few of the most persistent still survive here. For them, we have another crazy Tuesday tip…

If you have followed earlier posts, you must have noticed that Betman’s strategy of disregarding irrelevant stats and focusing on sports mafia efforts to maximize financial effects, are actually giving very sound ROI. And even if you lose, you may get back a part of your investment through a tip at the again neglected (but usually great) Scorum Loyalty program for betting bloggers for July. So, today Betman has something from Italy for the most persistent ones…




So, Italy is a land of mafia origin. True, neither Milan nor Napoli are from Sicily, but they are close enough to know a few things about the ‘business’. Let’s look at the table:




As we can see, Inter has finished their season. They are qualified for the Champions League (which will be paid by peanuts this year), while Napoli has to make an outstanding effort to catch Europa League Qualifications, since they are point behind Milan and unattainable five points behind Roma. They have a bit more of motivation, and they have plenty of ECB’s fake money to lure Inter management, who will be then able to buy more suckers, ready to run in their jerseys over to the empty stadiums of Champions League for all that fake money. What a joy.


Aside of that, it was never unusual that Napoli take a point or three from Inter, even when Inter had a better team and more motivation. Therefore, Betman will not hesitate to take an enormous risk and invest in Napoli, hoping that they will not be afraid of the bug, and go out to play:


21:45 CET: Inter Milano vs. SSC Napoli X2 @1.81 (1XBet)


Yes, you have BetScorum odds too, so you can make use of your otherwise unusable SCR coins… yet. But we can still hope Elon will put it in one of his tweets and bring that value close to the Moon… or at least close to $0.25 which would be almost miraculous as Americans on the Moon. But that’s another type of mafia, let’s stick to this one.


If you want more info, you can try over to the our @jatinhota, who prepared an excellent review of the match stats, with some more numbers with which you can waste some more time.


Oh, Betman almost forgot! He has a few more odds for you. Excitement guaranteed!



Good luck, you’ll need it!


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