Eyeing on the Future

Eyeing on the Future

By Betman | Betting | 8 Feb 2021

There are times you think BetScorum is dead. But then you suddenly spot…
Suddenly, new life emerges, with a hope of breasting new rise of SCR. Yes, it’s viable because Bitcoin is rising sharply, and it always pulls all other cryptocurrencies up.

Well, almost all. SCR is still at $0.0067, wisely waiting for the financial development in the next 50 years. In the meantime, even Dogecoin went to 8 cents! It’s OK, we’ll let them destroy themselves in that breakneck race, and then we’ll slowly drive our Lambo in front of NYSE to buy the whole Moon with our profit from today’s games only:


As Bill Gates would say:

Patients are a key element of success!

Or something like that…


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