AO Finals: Djoković vs. Medvedev – Prediction

By Betman | Betting | 20 Feb 2021



The most scandalous Australian Open is closing to an end. All the blunders of the organizers were blamed on the virus, and we have come to the finale with Novak Djoković (as expected), called No1e, because he will soon be a man with the most weeks in ATP No.1 position in the history of mankind. On the other side of the net will be the most persistent one from the other side of the draw – Daniil Medvedev!

Don’t expect Betman tell you who will win, because anything can happen. Joker harbors an injury for most of the tournament, and who knows what extreme efforts during at least three hours can cause. But let’s assume the match will be as injury free as it will be the audience free. What can we expect of those two in their full health?


As we can see, they are pretty close in Head2Head matches, and they are pretty close Door2Door, since they both pay the taxes to the Prince Albert of Monaco. Yes, No1e has eight years of experience more, eight AO titles more, and 10x prize money more than Daniil Medvedev. Which really means nothing, since Medvedev is eight years younger, stronger and hungry for trophies. And he is very dangerous, you know, he is also a Russian!


Always that pesky big ‘but’… Remember it?
When you see the odds, that are almost even, you can’t start thinking in terms of value butts… bets. Whoever offers close to even odds on the 8 times AO champion against any challenger, deserves Betman’s hard earned SCRs! Oh, wait, you won’t find tennis at BetScorum ever! Alright, we’ll go to the one who are doing it mercilessly:


08:30 CET: Djoković vs. Medvedev 1 @1.95 (10Bet & ComeOn)

So, it’s a value bet. We can add another meaningless argument in his favor, like the result from their R16 match at the Australian Open 2019, which went to No1e 3:1 in sets – 64 67(5) 62 63. If you are afraid of winner predictions, here is more of the offer from
You have only 16 hours to the finale. And you have probably already watched how Osaka has demolished Brady in the WTA prelude. The odds were too low for that. Now Betman is going to cut your impatient waiting for the big finale with some football odds at BetScorum:




Get you screen sharp, it has almost started!


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