Update July 8th - Pools replenished and APR back above 100%

By CryptoNik | Betfury insights | 8 Jul 2021

With the main dividend pools replenished again there is a nice increase in the daily div payments today. 

APR: 103.5%
$/1k BFG: $0.0747
At the moment of writing the BFG price is $0.02633482. Todays Div payment was $0.0000747 per BFG, which means an APR of 103.5% 


Dividends payed out: $99,323.63
Daily change: $+10,495.24 / +11.82%
With the pools growing from the replenishment, we see a nice 11.8% increase in the daily payed out dividend in $ value. 
USDT grew the most with almost 25% change compared to yesterday. BTC payout grew 14.14%, BNB a nice 16.86% and also ETH saw a gain of 7.62%. Only 'looser' is TRX which saw it's payout decline with 2.35%. The BTT payout disappeared for now as it is added as a sub-pool to TRX. Since it didn't hold over $50k in funds, it didn't replenish the TRX pool just yet. 


USDT Pool chart
Just because it's such a nice chart, have to show it here today with the replenishment increase. 



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Betfury insights
Betfury insights

Regular analysis of the crypto gambling site Betfury. By playing on Betfury you gain BFG tokens, which will be rewarded with daily dividend payments. We'll analyse the platform and dividend payments on this blog

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