Staking pool replenishments; USDT almost at 1 million dollars now

By CryptoNik | Betfury insights | 7 Jul 2021

Good news; Betfury just replenished the staking pools again. This time it's a big increase to the dividend pools and especially for BNB and USDT which now reached very close to 1 million dollars each. 
In total around $445,670 has been added from the sub-pools to the dividend pools, ready to be payed out in the next payouts! This means a dividend payment increase of around 15%

What does this 'replenishment' all mean? 
Betfury uses five main currencies and dividend pools that are paying out dividends on a daily basis and also are replenished daily by lost wagers in the native currencies. (so ETH pool gets replenished everyday by the amount of ETH that is lost during the day). 
The many alt-coins you can use on the platform are pooled separately in so called 'sub-pools'. 
On the first week of every month, every sub-pool that reached 50 000 USD or more will replenish the main pool in the amount of 50% from the sub-pool coin amount, the rest will be left for the next month.

BTT joins the TRX pool
This is a request many players were making, and now it's done! BTT payments will come in via the TRX pool from now on. 
So starting from next payment, we won't be receiving BTT anymore and just see a bigger amount of TRX coming in. 

BTC Pool replenishment +11.35%
The BTC Pool got replenished with 1.077 BTC from the LTC alt pool. This is an increase of around 11.35%, or $37k

ETH Pool replenishment +6.66%
The ETH Pool got replenished with 12.6 ETH from the OMG sub-pool. This is around $30k. 

BNB Pool replenishment +17.65%
BNB Pool got replenished by 428BNB from the CAKE and BSW subpools. Just unfortunate the price of BSW has been dropping. Still a nice addition of around $145k though! 

USDT Pool replenishment +31.5%
Our strongest pool just got stronger! BUSD and USDC has been quite popular and a total of 233,670 USDT has been added to the pool! 

So prepare for the dividend payout of tomorrow and for the USDT dividend payment graph to look even prettier than it already does right now:)


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Betfury insights
Betfury insights

Regular analysis of the crypto gambling site Betfury. By playing on Betfury you gain BFG tokens, which will be rewarded with daily dividend payments. We'll analyse the platform and dividend payments on this blog

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