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By CryptoNik | Betfury insights | 6 Jul 2021

Betfury has been an interesting investment opportunity besides just being a casino. Especially after the listing of it's token; BFG. 
As with all investment in any cryptocurrency, it is key to look at the tokenomics. This determines (for the most part) reasonable prices and basically how 'healthy' the token or platform is. 


General Tokenomics of BFG
Total token supply is 5,000,000,000.
It says that 51% of it is available for mining, but that's a bit confusing as this might make you think the other 49% of tokens are already existing. That's not the case. ALL tokens should be mined into existence by users making wagers on the platform. It's just that of those mined tokens, 51% go to the user and 49% go to Betfury. Of those 49% tokens that are available to Betfury, the 5% Reserve is unstaked. 
To make this as clear as possible; Let's say you play and wager enough to earn you 1K BFG. We usually say you "mined 1k BFG". But, truth of the matter is, you mined 1k BFG for yourself (the 51%) AND ~961 (the 41%) for the team. 
So if you mined 1k BFG, the supply in circulation increases by 1,961 BFG, not just your 1,000
This is also the number you'll see in the 'total mined' amount on the staking page. That's why this 'total mined' amount can be higher than the 51% that is stated to be available for mining. 


Circulating supply of BFG
At this moment (July 6th 2021), the total amount that is mined is 2,854,457,450. The total amount that is already burned is 1,362,830,677.
This means that we currently have 1,491,626,773 BFG in circulation
Out of this total amount in circulation, 88.78% is currently being Staked. 

This means there are still 2,145,542,550 BFG left to be mined on the platform. In the last 2 weeks, we saw an average of 4,118,206 BFG being mined per day. So this means that we have roughly 521 days of mining left, if we do not take the increase in mining price into account. 
In reality there most likely will come some changes to the way BFG is mined and burned in the (near) future, so please take this into account and don't focus on the 521 days too much. 

Market cap and price of BFG
With the current price of BFG sitting at around $0.027, the current market cap of BFG is around $0.027 * 1,491,626,773 = $40,273,923
This would currently place it at #463 on CoinMarketCap in terms of market cap. 

Inflation, burning and looking ahead at circulating supply
With an average of just over 4 mil tokens being mined per day, the inflation of BFG is quite steep. (just over 100% per year). However, we should also take the monthly burns into account that can burn off around 15% of this inflation. 
Furthermore, with already over 27% of the total amount of BFG gone because it's burned, I think the tokenomics look quite healthy despite the inflation. 
It will be interesting to see what changes the Betfury team will bring in the near future. If nothing, it will still be very exciting for this token to enter a deflationary stage when all BFG is mined. With div payments this can do interesting things to the price. 
Surely there are exciting times ahead!

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Betfury insights
Betfury insights

Regular analysis of the crypto gambling site Betfury. By playing on Betfury you gain BFG tokens, which will be rewarded with daily dividend payments. We'll analyse the platform and dividend payments on this blog

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