APR of staking BFG on Betfury

By CryptoNik | Betfury insights | 5 Jul 2021

With the listing of BFG on Biswap, we now have a 'market price' and value for BFG. This enables us to calculate an APR you are getting by staking BFG on Betfury, based on the daily dividend payment received and the cost of BFG for that day. 
Of course individual/personal APR might be different as you might be mining BFG as well as reinvesting dividends, either by buying more BFG or mining it. 

APR has been steady in the 125 to 135% range since listing, but dipped last week because of the price increase of BFG. 
It did go up again a bit based on the strong dividend payments and it's still sitting at a very nice 90.67% at the moment.


With the replenishment of the dividend pools ahead of us, I expect the dividend payment to go up. Depending on what the price of BFG will do we can see an increase in APR in the upcoming weeks. 

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Betfury insights
Betfury insights

Regular analysis of the crypto gambling site Betfury. By playing on Betfury you gain BFG tokens, which will be rewarded with daily dividend payments. We'll analyse the platform and dividend payments on this blog

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