New Binance Lending slot [16 October 2019]

New Binance Lending slot [16 October 2019]

By NinoPi | BestTipWay | 15 Oct 2019

Tomorrow at 2 pm the new Binance window opens, where it is possible to join the loans.

The duration is 14 days. Here are the proposals:

BUSD 14 days (10% annual  interest)

BNB 14 days (6% annual  interest)

BTC 14 days (3% annual  interest)

ETH 14 days (6% annual  interest)

USDT 14 days (6% annual  interest)

MATIC 14 days (6% annual  interest)

Unlike the other times, the low percentage of interest on bitcoin suggests a rising market in the next 2 weeks. Excellent percentage on ETH and BNB.
Personally, I will endorse the one with BTC and ETH.

For more details,


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