Clinician/Cancer survivor #18: O-Optimistic
Optimistic we can beat this!

Clinician/Cancer survivor #18: O-Optimistic

By PABarb | Best of Health-Ask The PA | 24 Jun 2020


I love this word as you can see your cup half full or half empty.  I think most of my life I alway envisioned the worse outcome. 
I won’t make first chair in band, I won’t get into a particular college, I won’t get married, I won’t get a job... you get it!   It is really about doubt and that leads to the opposite- pessimistic.   

I have learned through my cancer journey optimistic attitude wins!  If you believe you can or a therapy will work odds are much better it will!  When I got cancer the first few days the pessimism quicker in then a light came off in my head.  Positivity, believing you can and being optimistic us the way to conquer all.   The best part was it helped me find happiness and a peace with what I had been challenged with. 

This week I go back to my Dermatologist and I am optimistic I will have a good appointment.  I am optimistic my upcoming studies will be fine!  

This helps so much! 

I challenge you to find things to be optimistic about especially now with Covid and the tensions we are facing as a country and world!  

Write down things that bring peace and hope and stop the negativity.  It serves no one! 

I am optimistic and with this brings hope and gratitude!  Let’s raise each other up and know together we can make a difference!

My support to you All!  
Best of Health 


PS this is a crypto site. We all can be optimistic where that’s going :). 

thanks for following and until tomorrow 

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Best of Health-Ask The PA
Best of Health-Ask The PA

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