Clinician/cancer survivor #15. S- SEXY

By PABarb | Best of Health-Ask The PA | 21 Jun 2020


Well there are gazillion words in the English language and when I came up with this random exercise... out of nowhere the first word that came to mind for letter S - SEXY. You would have though scar,service,sick—No: SEXY  lol

For those that know me that’s definitely not how I would be described, physically. After all I am not in my 20s and I am not model material 🤔  I think in the moment I was truly thinking about the scar on my face and arm and thinking there is nothing sexy about this.

The reality is that you are... well I like to think middle aged female... Now scared up for the rest of my  life.   Every time another biopsy = another scar.   Maybe the true reality...  getting older and now this who knows?

For this blog post I define sexy as being attractive or rather interesting... I will also suggest the “new SEXY” as one with very positive and appealing qualities so maybe in a sense to some after cancer It’s about being real and  honest.

WELL for me that’s where I am at and that’s ok!   I am comfortable being me and that shows strength and some independence as to some that could be sexy.   

For today this clinician/cancer patient is going to leave it at that!  

I truly hope that everyone reading this is Safe, healthy and for many that are masking in public during these Covid times... thank you!   

PS  Masks are SEXY

I want to share with you why I choose to wear a mask.

It’s very simple... by wearing a mask in public I am protecting others and myself. Please remember that asymptomatic people can spread this virus. Secondarily, by wearing a mask I also provide comfort to others that I respect them as humans and fellow beings in this Pandemic - PUBLIC HEALTH crisis. Being cautious and doing ones part to save the lives of others is the goal, simple as that! If you choose not to wear a mask you are potentially risking the lives of OTHERs!

As a healthcare provider, who is dedicated to saving the lives of others I will continue to mask, social distance and hand sanitizer is still my best friend after soap! It’s about good for US ALL!    Now that’s SEXY!  🙏❤️

Stay safe!

To Your Best Of Health! 



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Best of Health-Ask The PA
Best of Health-Ask The PA

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