Clinician/ cancer patient #25 U-understanding
Treatment is the key

Clinician/ cancer patient #25 U-understanding

By PABarb | Best of Health-Ask The PA | 16 Jul 2020


Well  this week I have definitely learned nothing is guaranteed and understanding.

 As you may have noticed I have changed my title to alphabet cancer soup to Patient 

 Well on Monday I go back into surgery and I will have another cancerous lesión removed. Melanoma is showing it’s fierce ability to try to take you out.  Luckily I noticed a lesion and it’s growing fast.  My pet scan confirmed we are back into round 2.  Damn:(.  Well you know it have all along and  understanding this recurrence was possible but it’s here.  When I wrote this word on the cancer list in April 2018 I thought to myself... beat this and get it behind you.... the reality was not necessarily the reality but I had to focus on understanding and accepting. 

In a Covid world one must understand no one is immune and have an understanding you are now part of the club.  

Understanding doing your part is the best way you can do to fight disease, cancer and Covid! 

For those with cancer be vigilant... never give up.  Mask in public! 

For those with Covid tell everyone to do the right thing... mask, distance and wash their hands.  Support and understanding that even if you don’t agree it’s about protecting others!!!   It not all about YOU!  

We could learn a lot from New Zealand! 

Best of Health! 


grateful to my providers 

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Best of Health-Ask The PA
Best of Health-Ask The PA

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