Clinician and Cancer survivor #2. B: beauty
Surgical scar from a small pink lesion -melanoma

Clinician and Cancer survivor #2. B: beauty

By PABarb | Best of Health-Ask The PA | 7 Jun 2020


I personally never considered myself physically beautiful.  What does that really mean -anyway.
When you are diagnosed with a horrible cancer like Melanoma nothing is beautiful . Especially when it comes to procedures to save your life. Between the scaring from biopsies and surgeries one looses sight of the beauty around them because of the impact t it has on you emotionally.

The thought that you could die from something so random.  Many consider beauty as outward appearance.   I learned about the beauty of others from the hugs, support and love.   

Beauty is acceptance and authenticity . What I really am learning is being just your authentic self scars and all! 

Beauty is the simplicity of a good cup of coffee and conversation with a friend! 

Beauty is when you are reminded by your husband or significant other that you -scars and all are beautiful 

Beauty is the world around you.  

Beauty  is just enjoying the nature around you and learning not to take for granted. It is as simple as the fresh air you breathe  mountain air, sea air...

As I continue  to fight this beast and serve others I focus on beauty as the internal honest self that continues to evolve!  

Beauty is not what Hollywood wants you to believe it at least projects.  

Stay Authentic...   that is true beauty! 

Hugs  All! 

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Best of Health-Ask The PA
Best of Health-Ask The PA

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