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By Nuneron | Best Free P2E Games | 1 May 2022


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Today I will be talking about two gaming platforms with integrated crypto wallets where you can earn cryptocurrency by playing free games, no investment needed to earn.


First we have the Wombat Wallet, its an Ethereum and Eos based wallet which gives you access to a number of features, from p2e to NFT market, NFT staking and several other earning options. It has so many options that it can be a little confusing at first but totally worth the work.

 The main feature they have is Womplay, the actual gaming platform. In it you'll find a good variety of mobile games, for android and for iPhone and a smaller selection of computer games but a growing one. They are still in development and keep adding new games to their lists. Playing theses games will earn you Wombats (and potentially NFT's) which you can stake for Eos weekly. You can see on the platform how to win the wombats and how much they are worth in EOS but mostly its milestones and time spent on the game. For the NFT's, which you can win quite easily, you need to achieve Womplay quests in specific games.

It requires some playing time to earn significant Eos but if you're careful about when you trade them in (only stake wombats the last moment and after collecting a fair amount of them), you can maximize your earnings. In Womplay, you can also stake specific NFT's to earn extra wombats.


Another very good feature they have is the Wombat Dungeon Master. In here you can stake your NFT's to collect season points which grant you part of a monthly pool reward, 20000$ worth this month, paid out in Wax, another token. This part is still in beta phase but has been working well. The more NFT's you have, the more mining power you get and that will give you more season points. But you can increase your mining power when you earn Dungeon Masters NFT packs in the mining game it self. You can mine for different time periods, from once an hour to every 24h. 


Their also is an NFT market, very useful to buy and sell the NFT's you earned and don't need anymore or to finish your collections. Don't sell just about anything or sell it too fast because you have a limited number of sells before having to recharge your account power, basically means spending some Wax to upgrade your account. 

They are several other features that they offer or are linked to which you can discover if you download Wombat, but they either didn't interest me or didn't work on my devices.

All things considered, Wombat is totally worth it, specially considering its still in development and new improvements keep getting added, and because they actually have really good games of many different types.



The other is the Zebedee Wallet. Zebedee is a bitcoin wallet with several games linked to it and various other partnerships, namely with Bitstamp.

This one works more like a wallet of satoshis. You play the games to earn satoshis, once you reach the minimum withdrawal you can transfer them to your ZBD wallet using your name tag. Then from your wallet you can send your satoshis to any private wallet or exchange that accepts the lightning network. Although this limits your withdrawal options the lightning network is getting more and more use, so it shouldn't be long till more exchanges accept it. The games are a lot simpler and less entertaining than the ones you'll find in the Wombat platform, but the procedure to earn and to withdraw it is much easier. This is also still in development and they have been adding new games. 

Another interesting feature is they are very active on the social networks and regularly hold tournaments and other events where you can win extra satoshis.


I highly advise both these wallets, read up about them before you start playing to be able to maximize your earnings.

I wish you all good luck, enjoy the games and earn as much crypto as you can.

Thanks for reading

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Best Free P2E Games
Best Free P2E Games

Best android and pc crypto earning games. None require any initial investment of any king. They are all free to download and free to play and they all really pay. I played or still play them and have been paid by all of them several times.

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