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After y last post (that you liked a lot), I’m going to explain with details how I work every page I described there. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check my last article:

So, we are going to start with Faucet Crypto. Let’s go!

Link to Faucet Crypto:


Faucet and PTCs

As you know, on Faucet Crypto you can win crypto in different ways. One is a simple faucet: claim every 25 minutes. Then, you can use objects (we’ll describe later) to reduce the time. You can also use PTCs to win coins! Both are the most interesting things to win in this page. I always see all PTCs and claim sometimes Faucet. That’s my strategy.


Levels and experience

As you work more and more, you’ll increase your level. That’s a good way to increase your earning as each level give you a 0.125% bonus. It seems no much but it’s easy to increase your level if you see all PTCs and claim on Faucets.



It’ another way to win cryptos. I used to work on them but now I’m not working with them. Nevertheless I think it’s good at the beginning as It gives you a lot of experience to increase your level and it help to win more in challenges (we’ll see later).



I have not worked on that but if you have time you can win A LOT with that. Feel free to try and tell me if it’s worth!



It is another interesting thing! First you have two daily rewards (coins and experience) just for visit the page every day. You have also weekly challenges about doing offers, PTCs or claim in the faucet. It helps to increase your level a lot so check them!! And you have permanent challenges about your ingame level.



After doing a task you have the opportunity to get an object that you can use. There are different objects with different value (reducing faucet time, increase reward in every task you do…). You can also buy them in the market using ingame coins. My strategy is invest in this objects that increase my earnings and my level.


I think that’s all. Tell me if you like this kind of “Deep Analysis”. This is how I work on Faucet Crypto and the possibilities you have there. I’ll do with other pages. Enjoy and stay safe :)


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Best Webpages to win cryptos (2023) !!
Best Webpages to win cryptos (2023) !!

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