Harlequin crypto faucet

Have been using harlequin faucets for awhile , it’s very easily to use and pays to ExpressCrypto. Unlike some of the other faucets out there where ya have to do things to get tokens to run faucets, harlequin uses a a shortlink wall which each does up to 120 mins on their faucet, the shortlink are easy to do and get well over 200 hundred hours of faucet use and if you have it running check on it every now and then to make sure your logged in if your not it’s easy to sign back in. The faucet link to it is https://harlequin.tech/ec/cryptomission//index , when u get the time and chance pls upvote it 

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Best faucet sites to use
Best faucet sites to use

I’ll post faucet sites worth to use for free crypto currency from

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