The INCREDIBLE story of Lirio Parisotto

By bmvtyea | Bernie-flow | 7 Apr 2021

Lirio Parisotto was born in Nova Bassano, a small town founded by Italian immigrants, which is still reflected in the customs of the region. The son of small farmers, he helped his parents farm the family's property throughout its creation, but he did not see agriculture as his passion. At the time, Parisotto decided to become a seminarian - a path he discovered in order to study.


However, he did not find himself in the path of the priesthood; he was even expelled from the seminary. Then he moved to Brasilia, where he stayed for two years working at the secretary of the school where he studied. There, he sparked his interest in the stock market with reports from teachers who were making explosive gains in a few months.


Parisotto bought his first share in 1971, with the money he described as equivalent to a beetle at the time. This fateful year was marked by intense euphoria, in view of the measures to encourage investment in shares created by the government. The party didn't last long: the bag fell. Brokers broke down and, in two years, the amount initially invested by Parisotto would only pay for one dinner.


He was not inert. Then, he passed a competition to become a bank employee at Banco do Brasil and fill a vacancy in a city near his homeland. But Parisotto did not adapt to the life of a civil servant and lasted only a week in office, despite his family's discontent.


His parents did not understand why he gave up the stability of the public office and a good salary in a Brazil that was experiencing severe problems in controlling its inflation. Even so, Parisotto decided to return to Nova Bassano, where he worked for two years in a refrigerator and ascended to the position of manager - only to then be fired.


With the money saved in the period, he acquired one of his first work tools: a Kombi. Parisotto started to work with passenger transport in the region and, at the same time, studied in a pre-university course aiming to study Medicine. After an intense routine of studies and work, Lirio Parisotto managed to get approved in Medicine by the University of Caxias do Sul (UCS).


In Anglophone jargon, his character was that of a jack-of-all-trades. During college, Parisotto bought and sold items from his colleagues, generating extra income to cover the costs of his studies. Always looking for ways to make money, he started traveling to São Paulo to look for tape players and resell them in the South. With the debt of a defaulting customer, he received a small car radio installer.


Parisotto graduated as a doctor and moved briefly to Porto Alegre, to do an internship in the field of ophthalmology. Again, he chose to give up a prestigious profession to try the uncertain. He returned to Caxias and ran his business, which became Videolar. The company, which installed radio in cars, became the store that sold the most televisions in the city.


Its sales success caught Sony's attention. Lirio Parisotto was invited by Akio Morita, the company's co-founder, to travel to Japan and visit the company's headquarters. Videolar even earned US $ 700 thousand in one month. As a result, his assets grew fatter - and his position on the stock market too, this time as a long-term investor, inspired by the classic book by Décio Bazin, Make a Fortune with Shares, Before It Is Late. With the progressive increase of his position in the investee companies, Lirio Parisotto became an advisor to the boards of directors of Celesc and Eternit.


In 2008, before the financial crisis, his fund had a net worth of approximately R $ 1.3 billion. However, with the serious global subprime crisis, its position fell to R $ 700 million. At that point, many investors would certainly be - and were - very scared. But not Parisotto. His fundamentalist character made him see panic as an opportunity. So, he went shopping. (REMEMBER THOSE DIPS IN CRYPTO)


Lirio Parisotto obtained excellent returns by investing in companies in sectors such as electrical. In a few years, he became one of the richest men in the country. His story is unconventional: it illustrates how it is not necessary to graduate in Economics or Administration at the best colleges in the country - and work at Faria Lima - to become a renowned investor.


From the interior of the Serra Gaúcha, the Sertão Cearense or the Triângulo Mineiro, with work, dedication and contributions (and a bit of luck), an individual can constitute a heritage capable of bringing you comfort.

Not everyone needs to be billionaires like Parisotto, but we all want financial freedom.

The first steps include working and being very disciplined.

After that, never give up.

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