HUGE DIP - but is it the biggest one?

By bmvtyea | Bernie-flow | 20 May 2021


So today i woke up if this scene below and I took breath and wondered wow, where this is going??



I'm going to be honest with you guys, I almost sold all of my assets and it was going to be a huge mistake, I've seen a lot of posts here saying not to do it and they're completely right! Here's why:

- IF you do this you're going to be loosing money, unless you've bought below those marks above (which it was my case)

- If you believe in a project ZOOM OUT you can see that the crypto that you believe in are just follow the BTC leader and if it dumps it's dumping because of BTC not because of some bad news related to its project or issues.


So, now you might be wondering.. "wait everything is dumping below 30%, 40% and in some cases below 50-60% and it's not the biggest one?"  


Here's my answer:




As you can see below there's the list of ALL DIPS/DUMPS that BTC had suffered according do its ATHs..




So please, do not panick sell your assets, do not sell based on some Digital Influencer opinion, do not sell because you're affraid that it will go lower, because it might, but as you can see from the image above, IT WILL GO UP AGAIN AND AGAIN!


If you want to do a little trade, you see a really good opportunity, do it, but be conscious that you might loose money either way! If you still have some profit sell it and buy it later again.. The thing is don't be affraid because this will happen again! For your new crypto adopters you need to get used to it! It will frighten you, but take a deep breath, do your research and if you have the money to buy, DO IT! We never know when the next chance to buy at such low price will happen again.


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Trying to inspire those who doesn't have some financial conditions, such as myself, to growth a nice portfolio.

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