Bitcoin prediction

Bitcoin prediction

By benzmuircroft | benzmuircroft | 18 Jun 2019


My prediction:

Bitcoin will try to go flat but strong forces are sucking the price up. We should see not such a sharp spike as of today and the past weeks but instead a steady climb up (even though the trend wants to be flat). After this 'fail' to be flat, the price will be sweaped Into a full powerd very focused up trend. The full power of this uptrend will look big but, it is only the start


If you wan't to see an earlier prediction on bitcoin talk: - HUGE HIDDEN STORY - FOR MARCH 29 2019


About my system:

I have been developing this method since 2006. It consists of two indicator groups of Center of Gravity Fibonacci-scaled ocsillators. The (top) first group is reading the price whereas, the second (bottom) group is reading the sum total rate of change of the first group.


Think of the first group as the wave that is sweeping the price and the second group as the force of power inside the wave.

Picture related: You see how a wave moves and is effected by this force







This method can be particularly efficient at signaling upcomming days of flat trend and breakouts









I am a developer / designer of "Blockchain meets the web" applications and shareable embed widgets


I am working on 'price shape' forecasts for many Altcoins. I will be working to try and properly identify flat periods and breakouts ahead of time. Disclaimer: "This is not financial advice."

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