@Publish0x - I have a product idea!

By benzmuircroft | benzmuircroft | 19 Jun 2019

I have a product idea!

Thinking about Publish0x a lot today! It can be the killer app if it can attract all afilliate marketing people (eg: I review Nike shoes "here is my review" and click here to buy direct using my #affiliate link)

Now (these days) this is what most youtubers use youtube for! Think about it and what it means for the un-job(ed) people and how much it will make this platform (while vicariously creating a mass coin adoption wave for all coin on it),  BOOM! This platform and all the coins attached explode main-stream!

People follow the stars and top bloggers HERE!

And the stars make their income from clicks off-platform (click a affiliate link) so the star earns

this will enable the Publish0x platform to grow more with COMMENTS and chatting and real tipping as new users pore in from old platforms (expecting to chat) AND ... they will want to "Like" things (on here it is called "Tipping")


Please give your oppinions in the comments - Would you like to see sellers, reviews, discounts and givaways of any gift on here? 

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I am a developer / designer of "Blockchain meets the web" applications and shareable embed widgets


I am working on 'price shape' forecasts for many Altcoins. I will be working to try and properly identify flat periods and breakouts ahead of time. Disclaimer: "This is not financial advice."

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