What do UFOs and Crypto Have in Common?
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What do UFOs and Crypto Have in Common?

By Ben Wehrman | BenWehrman.com | 30 Jul 2020

Hey gang,

In my last 2 years of traveling, I've spent a great deal of time doing odd jobs (painting, landscaping, housekeeping etc.) to earn free accommodation everywhere I go. I'm currently staying in a lovely Airbnb just outside of Wellington, New Zealand, and my host has had me hard at work getting his backyard garden in order.





  • Boxes installed and stained: IN PROGRESS
  • Dirt shoveled into boxes: CHECK
  • Vegetables planted: CHECK.

During my daily 3+ hour work days, I've had plentiful time to fall into a deep podcast rabbit hole, on a topic I hadn't paid a speck of brainspace to until just recently:


joe rogan ufos

Thanks Joe Rogan- you've successfully pulled me in!

After cranking through JRE's interviews with Bob Lazar, Commander Fravor, George Knapp and more, I'm slowly becoming somewhat excited about this once-crazy idea of other-worldy phenomenon going on in our backyard.

OK...but what in the world does this have to do with crypto?

1. The early pioneers seem completely crazy--until they're not.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

On my latest phone call with my family back home, I filled them in on how I liquidated the majority of my stock holdings recently, since I believe we're heading for a disastrous economic meltdown.

....but I'm leaving 100% of my crypto invested.

...and I'm adding more every week.

"Ben...are you sure about that? I watched a news special about that recently, and it sounds really risky..."
-Boomer parents

Let's face it: We're still VERY early. And as every pioneer of world-changing innovations has experienced, you'll be getting "that talk" from the majority of friends and family who haven't invested any time or energy into researching what the future looks like.

My mom and dad are the perfect example of this: Very smart, and generally forward-thinking, but completely entrenched in the legacy financial system--And you can't blame them one bit! The ridiculous monetary system we're stuck in has been impervious to disruption for their entire lives.

But that's about to change in a BIG way.

2. The future is looking verrrry interesting.

joe rogan ufo

I'll save my breath on the outlook of blockchain technology...you already know how that's shaping up ūüĒ•

3. Its social interest will accelerate as influential voices join the party

Nobody can argue that Joe Rogan is one of the most well-known figures in media distribution today, with tens of millions of followers across YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Simply put, he has cemented its place in the history of public broadcasting.

Before he started bringing all these UFO guys on, I had never spent a moment of my time thinking about the possibilities of extra terrestrials. Now, I'm incredibly interested. It never hurts to have too many things to be intrigued and excited about, no matter how strange or obscure they may be. Bitcoin has been there, and look how far it's come now!

Why do you think "UFOs" has been trending higher than ever before on Google search?

Because when people like Joe Rogan talk, people LISTEN. This will be an integral part of crypto's accelerating domino effect. Once A-list celebrities begin using their platform to promote Bitcoin & crypto at a steady rate, the real fun shall begin.  

Now if JRE could just bring Andreas Antonopolous back for another round, that'd be great...



That's all for today folks, I hope you've enjoyed this food for thought! As always, please let me know if you have any ideas I've missed.

And if you haven't had the chance to let your brain run a bit bonkers on all this bizarre UFO stuff, I'd definitely recommend checking out the following JRE episodes on your podcast platform of choice:

JRE #1315: Bob Lazar

JRE #1361: Commander Fravor

JRE #1510: George Knapp


Stay weird,




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