2 Month Break from Publish0x - Here's What I've Been Building!
tesla san francisco

2 Month Break from Publish0x - Here's What I've Been Building!

By Ben Wehrman | BenWehrman.com | 29 Oct 2020

TL;DR: Hired at Tesla, moved to California, and climbing back onto the blogging grind!

Wow! What a crazy few months it has been.

Since arriving home from 2 years abroad in Australia & New Zealand, I was blessed with a few weeks of quality family time in my home region of the Pacific Northwest.

This relaxation time was limited however, as I was soon contacted by a Tesla recruiter in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a former employee during my working holiday in New Zealand, I was ecstatic to get back on board with my favorite company in the world. 

So, long story short, I packed up my bags, and drove down to San Francisco to get this new gig rolling!


I'd be lying if I said my "crypto time" has been limited in the last several weeks as I've been acclimating to my new career, home, bed, etc...

But I'm determined to get back on the blogging grind as well, so I can continue sharing content with you all!

To the folks out there that have been wondering what I've been up to lately, I hope this suffices as a bit of a catch-up! Really looking forward to getting back onto the Publish0x grind during this incredibly exciting time for Bitcoin and the overall crypto market.

As always, feel free to throw any additional questions in the comments :)

Keep calm and stack sats,



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