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Refer a 2KEY Token Purchase - Earn Rewards

By benlakoff | BenLakoff | 6 May 2020

TLDR: 2key Token Public sale is now LIVE via 2key Platform. 

Purchase 2KEY tokens or share and earn a reward if someone purchase tokens with your link!



We are Excited to Announce the 2KEY Token Sale Mechanism & Timeline

On May 12th, 2020!  2KEY Token will be unlocked for usage and trading!

It will be a very special day for the global crypto community, and not only because of Bitcoin halving date :)

The 2KEY Token will be available for purchase and swap on a well-known centralized exchange (TBA May 8) and, a few days later, also on one of the most active DEXs (decentralized exchange) in the space. - one of the leading, most experienced market makers and liquidity providers in the Space will provide liquidity, OTC service, and balanced trading for the token at any given moment.

Those exchanges API will be connected with the 2key exchange contract to fulfill that contract according to an organic demand from the network.

We are already negotiating with several prominent exchanges, so expect to see more 2KEY listing soon.

2KEY Token Sale

To date, we have sold the 2KEYToken only to a small number of select participants who supported us from the project onset and helped us reach 76% of our $6M hard cap.
We dedicated the remaining allocation to allow our community and supporters to take an integral part in the network success and growth, using and benefiting from it by buying tokens or earning 2KEY for sharing the token sale SmartLink with new audiences.

Unlike many ICOs or simple token sales of the past, where participants received an address to send ETH to, 2key has developed an innovative product for better, more secure, and transparent token sales, and we use it for our 2KEY token sale!

The 2KEY Token will have 3 official sales between May 4th and May 11th:

  • 2key public pre-sale for major buyers: an $800K goal with similar conditions as the last private sale round; the minimum participation is$40K, and the maximum is $200K. 30% bonus with a lockup vesting in 13 equalparts starting May 12, 2020, with a 30 days interval between each unlock.
    This round carries a 2key referral reward of 6% from the collected funds!
    Get Tokens or Share & Earn from here

  • 2key Public sale: a $400K goal: a $400K goal. A public sale to the 2key community, with $2K minimum participation and $5K maximum participation. No Bonus and No Lockup.
    This round will have a 2key referral reward of 6% from the collected funds!
    Get Tokens or Share & Earn from here
  • 2key IEO: a public offering on a known exchange with a $200K goal. Maximum participation of $500 per user. No Lockup. TBA on May 8th.

2KEY token sale will accept ETH (Ether tokens) that can be purchased directly with a credit card on the participation funnel. Participants will need to create a 2key wallet or connect their Metamask or Ledger wallet. (If you like to participate with a different token, please contact us by email - [email protected])

We welcome our community and followers to participate in any of the sales above and to refer their links for a referral reward! The links for the 2key Public Sale can be found only on 2key community channels!

How to participate

In order to participate in the 2KEY token sale, please follow these steps:
1. Open the campaign link (above) and click Get tokens Now.
2.  Sign In your account or create one.
3. Create a 2key wallet or connect your Ledger or Metamask and send the desired amount to its address.
4. After your account and wallet are set, enter the participation amount (in ETH or USD) and approve the Tx.
5. After the Tx was processed, submit your KYC documents.
6. Once your KYC is approved (up to 3 business days), your 2KEY tokens will show up in the My Activity section in your 2key Dashboard. From May 12th you can withdraw them to your wallet, use them, or trade them.


A few important points to make sure you purchase the tokens safely and securely. 

  1. Participation is only available from a 2key Tokens SmartLink: There is no other way to buy 2KEY tokens. Even if participation does not occur directly with ETH.
  2. Double-check official sources: All official announcements will be cross-posted on our Telegram news channel, 2key Blog, our Twitter, and on our newsletter. To minimize chances of getting scammed, it’s critical to join our newsletter and follow our official channels. 
  3. We will never approach you first on Telegram: Period! If you want to talk to us in a private message,  write the first one, please.
  4. Message us: The team is always available on Telegram and via email. If there are any concerns, please message us directly. If you notice a potential scammer, please let one of the team members know immediately.
    For token sale inquiries please email us at [email protected], for general inquiries use [email protected], and for support questions, please fill the support form or email us at [email protected].

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