What are you stacking coins for?

By belemo | belemo | 9 Sep 2020

"Purpose" is one of those factors that inspire growth and development. Everyone has it, some are easy to explain; buy a shoe, while others aren't exactly straight forward.


Purpose is also fluid and changes with time, based on experiences. It is one weird entity because purpose can give you tunnel vision but at the same time, it can also broaden your view.

When I think about my time here, I find that my purpose has varied over the years, but in every of those situations, it has of course been for my personal growth. The first time I got into this platform, I wanted to monetise my content, and I achieved that purpose, without exceptions.

As time went on, I didn't just want to reward my content, but I also wanted to be a part of something bigger than me. Here I was, in the middle of the vast ocean of people, owning shares(coins) in this platform bigger than me.

My purpose morphed into this drive for success and knowing how much I am invested in this company, I wanted to shill, promote, market and increase the brand as much as I can. I feel like I've contributed my quota in that situation and as time goes on, I will keep increasing my input.

The purpose may or may not be affiliated with achievement, but getting the goal sort of makes it easier to switch to a new purpose. So what am I accumulating for? Well, yeah, I want to get rich but simply buying coins doesn't mean I'm rich. The potential of a coin also doesn't mean you're rich because potential is not a currency. I'm accumulating because it feels right, and feels like I can do more with these coins. But yeah, I want to be rich too :p


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