This is why I'm infinitely Bullish about Steem
This is why I'm infinitely Bullish about Steem

By belemo | belemo | 31 Dec 2019

Steem network is whatever you want it to be, it all depends on the lens you look at it through. I joined the platform around this time in 2017 and in the two years of blogging and shitposting, I’ve encountered a lot of things that give me confidence for the future.

In 2017, Steem and SBD were really high and the tiniest upvote was enough to handle basic expenses for a week. Things have changed since then and in that period, a couple of people have jumped ship and chosen to back out. I guess it didn’t work out for them.



Steem was my cash cow and all I wanted was to make some money consistently through this platform. That’s not been the case lately but that hasn’t stopped me from participating. Steem has great potential and with numerous actual use-cases, it will no doubt be at the forefront of blockchain technology real soon.

The cash flow has drastically reduced since the glory days but this is not to say that it’s dried out. The value of Steem dropped, so it means you have to put in more muscle to earn rewards. This means you have to always be on your toes, watching out for contests, challenges or even investing in a project of your own.

Being a part of this network places you in the best position to meet and have first-hand interactions with various blockchain entrepreneurs. I’ve been fortunate to interact with people like @acidyo@jerrybanfield(when he was still with us), and a bunch of others that I normally would not have met if I didn’t jump on this platform.

Steem opened my eyes to a whole new world of cryptocurrency and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve bought a couple of Bitcoin, as well as Eth, and some shitcoins that may or may not amount to anything. Investing got a lot easier.

It’s hard to believe all this came about from an account I created absolutely free of charge and it’s hard for a lot of people to believe when I tell them. Through a few clicks, I was morphed into a world bigger than my expectations. There’s still more to come and it is my dream to create something of mine on this very platform. That’s also why I love it here; creating and implementing projects on Steem is extremely easy and it’s safe to say that the platform is actually ahead of its time.

I might have broken one of the key rules about a business by getting emotional  but Steem is no longer just a business to me. It is a platform where I’ll learn about new places and culture, meet new people and of course, grow my earnings. 2020 is only a few hours away and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I hope the price rises but even if it doesn’t, I’ll still be here because I’m infinitely Bullish about Steem.


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