Rekt by a meme coin?

By belemo | belemo | 31 Jan 2021

"I played myself and I deserve this," I said to myself as I watched Doge go down the toilet. Have you ever been at the cusp of making a decision, knowing in your gut that it is a bad idea but still doing it anyway?


Some days ago, Doge ran up the ladders and I mean straight green candle. Random people were buying up the meme coin and the value rapidly grew to almost $0.1 range. Shit, it climbed into the top 10 for a moment if I'm not mistaken.

The noise was at fever pitch and I normally like to avoid the noise because it clouds my judgement.

On this unfortunate day, I had some spare cash to play with in Binance, so I thought to myself "why not?"

I threw like $100 into the pumping meme coin and just like a nightmare, it all went to shit. Now I know, in the general scheme of things, it is a small amount of money but I really really really hate losing. Besides, do you know what $100 means around here? That's like double the minimum wage.

I lost this battle, and I've been watching my shitcoin investment go down the toilet. Taking Ls is part of the game, and I decided to take this L as a Lesson. I'll learn from it and never FOMO into another pumping shitcoin again......I hope


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