Is posting on Hive the easiest way to earn cryptocurrency?

Is posting on Hive the easiest way to earn cryptocurrency?

By belemo | belemo | 18 May 2020


Coming to terms with the changes in technology, and how it crisscrosses with value can sometimes be tedious, to say the least. Cryptocurrencies, for example, have seamlessly absorbed the idea of value by incorporating these tokens into blockchains that run on various policies in which individuals willingly choose to participate. In a traditional sense, humans earn money because they contribute a certain quota to the system of their nation based on its monetary policies, but what if that idea was transplanted to a blockchain-based social media/blogging platform where people earn cryptocurrency from their activities?

The digital or information age in which we find ourselves in is marked by information of all kinds, and how people earn through it. According to data from Statista in 2019, an estimated 3.9 Billion individuals have access to the internet, while Smartinsights asserts that the total number of internet users has increased to about 4.5 billion people, with 3.8 billion active on social media as of January of 2020.

According to this data, at least 60% of the world's population are online and in some way participating on social media through various channels. It begs the question of what the content consumption rewards are? Well other than the social and emotional benefits of interacting with some of your heroes and whatnot, there's also the financial part that's usually swept under the carpet, but in recent times, has been slowly making its way to the forefront of activities.

The internet has been in existence for quite some time, probably since 1983 according to History but it truly exploded when the average person realised "hold on, I think I have some content/information that I could turn into money". This led to hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs coming into existence in a short space of time, and of course, brought us to where we are today.

Now that we have established that we're in the digital age and that the internet is just one big money-spinning machine, this has got us back to the main point; which is earning cryptocurrency for your content. When you realise that the content you post on the internet has value based on the acceptance of your audience, the "likes and retweets" start to look like money, cryptocurrencies to be specific, because of their inherent ease of use, scalability, global acceptance, amongst other benefits, as compared to say, the dollar.

With the ease of use, and of course transactions of cryptocurrencies in mind, earning cryptocurrency through blogging/social media activities has recently presented itself as the new epoch in internetting. The idea is one that has been implemented in platforms like SteemUptrennd, and most importantly, Hive where content consumers and sharers earn cryptocurrency based rewards for their activities.


As I said at the beginning, different blockchains have their policies and earning mechanisms based on your activities. The means of earning cryptocurrency on a blockchain fundamentally depends on the type of blockchain, with two main types in existence; Proof of Work popularly used by Bitcoin and the Proof of stake that is successfully implemented on Hive, where people earn cryptocurrency from their content posted on the social media platforms that run on the blockchain.

Through efficient use of the PoS(Proof of Stake) on Hive blockchain, the idea of earning cryptocurrency from content consumption and sharing was revolutionised. The blogging/social media platforms were transformed into cryptocurrency earning platforms that have been enriching lives since its inception by turning simple likes(upvotes) through a stake-weight based system to a source of income for both the "liker" and "likee". Simply put, when you like content, you earn cryptocurrency and when you share content that's interesting enough for someone else to like, you also earn cryptocurrency. The best part? you can literally create an account and start earning cryptocurrency for absolutely free through this platform.



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Technology is perpetually evolving, and as it evolves, its far-reaching tentacles touch every aspect of our lives; from our financial/monetary policies to social media and the interaction between them. This evolution has brought us to a stage where you can earn cryptocurrency through the content you post on various Dapps built on Hive blockchain. At the time of writing this post, this represents the easiest, and cheapest way to earn cryptocurrency and create a niche for yourself in the budding industry.


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