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Tuesdays With Morrie

By EsmaSid | Snippets & Bits Of Life | 11 Feb 2021

A great diegesis depicting a true relation between teacher and a student, both of them found a special person in each other with an extraordinary bonding. Learning and seeking knowledge, anecdote of teacher who wants to see his pupil successful for life. A teacher who lifts up his pupil's morale when he got hopeless. Morrie is a teacher in his 60s who gave Mitch (his dearest student) all of knowledge he could give.
Morrie suffered Lou Gehrig's disease that deteriorates his muscles and he became extremely feeble to tolerate environmental changes. I extremely loved how this teacher student bond is depicted in the story, when a Mr Morrie saw Mitch among hundreds of his students as a single individual. Mitch had homely feelings for mr Morrie and he used to feel comfortable by his side.
 Mr Morrie taught Mitch life lessons, treated him special and asked for nothing in return. This book made me tearful and thoughtful, relation between student and teacher should be like this. Enforcement over student, dealing him with anger or criticism only ruins his morale. Teachers ought to construct pupils by instructing important subjects of life rather than dealing them with furiousness creating communication gaps which they are not meant for.




​I would recommend it to be read👍. Rate 10/10.

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