Sometimes Life Becomes Dark To Bits

By EsmaSid | Snippets & Bits Of Life | 12 Feb 2021

Sometimes life becomes a complete calamity taking away all the joy and handing over a plenty of dismay. It never apologizes for turning that painful and drags on. The persons around are cold hearted and a great many faced. There is no denial in saying that life sometimes becomes dark to the core and holds you in a place alone with no possible course of action at all. Undergone so much dismay one stops thinking about unbiased and unprejudiced things for life.
Sometimes heaps of dead hearted people lurk around only to benefit from you otherwise they turn their back on you. Enemies are not the strangers but the ones who somehow had connections. It would not be wrong to say that blood has turned frosty and everyone is blind just in struggle to be full of bits and bobs. People only want to complete their purpose in mind on you and then abandon you.
Sorting out, you will be left with empty hand or seldom a goodhearted person. Whenever you try to establish yourself an inward looking person will ruin you by impairing your strength and draining your zeal. They will kill your charm and innocence and pretend that you are a culprit no matter what people want to listen, they will continue with cock and bull stories and many would be his prey.
 Degeneration of morale starts where these people will turn every story victimizing you and you will not be able to clear the doubts where you will be staying a culprit forever.

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Snippets & Bits Of Life
Snippets & Bits Of Life

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