The single best reason to get back into crypto today

By Behiver | behiver | 17 Sep 2023

I was just thinking about what would be the single best reason to get back into crypto today, considering that we are still in bearish waters. Truth is that I see it every day as things to happen in cycles same as a swiss clock. Investors simply resign to their fate and stop investing, staking and accumulating while watching the market helplessly. Sure, some of them and same as me might have seen the crypto market go to new highs in 2021, but haven’t gotten in on the pay day. Things are scary, yes, but if we let fear keep us from our journey, it will simple stop us capitalizing on our knowledge and simply lose the opportunity to make serious money. Especially when one of the biggest industry and opportunity of the decade is staring us right in the face. What I’m talking about is the long-overdue upgrade to the financial system through the power of decentralization provided by blockchain and crypto technologies.


The reason

So, to come back to the single best reason why you should get back into crypto today is because of the technology and the belief in it. It already has proven itself, it made new millionaires and even billionaires and it reshapes industries one by one. Blockchain and crypto don't just tackle the financial system, but is touches any domain that want to build trust with its users and customers. Thus, by getting involved today I believe that you cannot go wrong on the long run. And it is up to you if you want to take profits on the next bull run or simply continue and build up for your pension or a time when you simply want to do nothing and let this amazing technology work for you.

The why

But believe it that it will succeed and it will be present in everything powered by technology around us. Thus, I think that you simply cannot go wrong with blockchain and crypto if you get involved now. Of course, not every project is a successful one and it is up to us to be a useful one which has a real purpose of solving a world issue and also the professionals to make it happen. Thus, picking the right project is imperial but I am sure you can find real gems or simply stay with the kings of the domain like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But there are others amongst these that can provide tremendous returns if picked at the right time.

The my one cent opinion

So in my opinion the single best reason to get back into crypto today is that the blockchain technology will thrive in the end and that it will be present in every corner of our life. And now is the best time to get involved in it as we are still in bearish times and prices are at a discount. I am pushing myself to be more present in the space, to continue accumulating and invest a little bit here and there. Because in the end, this is the way to hit it big when market turns around!

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