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By Behiver | behiver | 28 Nov 2020

LEO Finance is a great platform for cryptocurrency and financial content creators and the key is to be consistent in work, research each day, keep up with the news and think of what information could elevate and be useful to this Hive community. What drives the content here is the motivation and the means to keep it regardless of the price or of the bumps that anyone maybe encounter in his endeavours. Important is to write about how you think is interesting and useful and not go hunting for the upvotes as your brand in the community needs to be about value.


The secret of your future is hidden in the daily routing and I try to keep up with it. For me it starts late at night (like this one) when I am writing an article for LEO Finance. I try to gather some ideas and write them down whenever they rush into my mind and later on to blog them out. So in this case while it is 01:00 AM my thoughts are about my routing and writing about it.


The next step for me would be to post this article in the morning. I could schedule it and make use of the LEO Finance embedded feature, but I prefer to manually hit the publish button as I am doing additional activities around it. I try for each meaningful post to share it on social media (Twitter, Reddit) and backlink it to other platforms (Publish0x, Torum). This usually takes me about 5 minutes and I am glad to do it as it brings some creativity on the spot and gives me a positive energy during the day. And a peak from time to time to see if I have any comments to engage with the others.

I than go with my usual work day and for 8 hours I am loosing in it through meetings, testing, a little bit of coding and software deliveries to different customers. This keeps my energy up and when I eat lunch or small bites my mind flies over LEO Finance. Ideas come rushing in during the day or from some news or sites I usually read on or I pull from the ideas backlog that I keep in an excel. I write my next article in this small pauses or at least lay the foundation for it.


Once I finish my work, either before getting dinner or after, I publish the post along with sharing it the same on social media. That's the moment when I also do commenting on LEO Finance and check content creators where I am interested of certain topics. I am tracking authors on stocks that provide good insight, on cryptocurrency investments, on passive or additional blogging earnings or related to what happens in this community and what will be in the future as well.

I do manual curation more than 90% and always try not to leave my power laying idle at 100%. As the vote is still small (less than 0.5 LEO) I either vote with 50% or 100% as I want it to be meaningful enough even if with that I cannot cover too many posts. Still as the stake increase probably I can increase the number of posts curated and decrease the voting power. Before going to sleep (which I usually go around 03:00 - 04:00 AM) I am preparing the post for next day.


This is my routing that I am doing on LEO Finance and usually I stick to it. When I don't have the inspiration or find interesting topics to share I just try to relax and enjoy the time with the family and friends. And detaching myself a little bit of the crypto space let's my brain recover and spark new ideas from simple things, activities or surroundings. It is quite great how these are linking as if everything is connected both offline in the real world and online in the blockchain. It is a familiar feeling in both worlds, we feel good and it is normal to want to be part of both universes.

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