LEO Finance Top 400 - Ranking 358 place out of 5858 LEO token holders

By Behiver | behiver | 5 Oct 2020

I love to set milestones and one of them was to enter the Top 400 of the LEO tokens holders. As I have reached this by ranking 358 out of 5858 users, I will move next to cross into Top 300, Top 200, Top 100, Top 50, Top 40, Top 30, Top 20, Top 10 or however much I can grow and position myself. While probably I will be able to advance faster into the LEO Finance community middle holders, when I will get close to the peak of the LEO token holders my advancement will be pretty slow. I am aware of this, I understand that without investing into additional instruments like LEO Mining, Uniswap Liquidity Pool or others is hard, but I will try to cover all bases to make it up there. In the same time I am aware about the fact that withdrawals will be made from Uniswap some users will bet a real boost, but I expect those to already to be at the peak of the "food chain" from LEO Finance.




While sometimes I succeed to post and comment regularly on Leo Finance and stake all my LEO earnings, there are periods with less inspiration on what to write. I wonder what you are doing in such moments... Myself I look around the community and just try to think outside the box, but I don't have a stream of inspiration to ensure my constant and consistent content. Maybe you want to share some of your inspiration sources, it would be great or just some hints on that.


For now I am just enjoying contributing to the community and seeing my efforts come to fruition and just advance within the LEO Finance ecosystem. Each day I learn something new, each day I discover something about crypto or finance from the community and simply engage and get in touch with different members on topics of interest. This is a organic growth that should provide the foundation for my development around here and at some point maybe give me the confidence to address specific topics regularly and be a spokesman of those if I gain info knowledge and insight.

To find your ranking you can use the Rich List from Hive Engine Explorer which based on the sum of your Balance + Staked + Delegation you can find your Total LEO tokens holdings and based on it the position within the community. As you can see I am occupying 358th place out of 5858 ranked users (hopefully all of them are retrieved, but will follow this for a bit as the number should increase).


In the same way you can find your way on the Rich List from LeoDex. While there isn't any ranking indicator there, you can sort the members by Total LEOs and do a little counting to see where you are positioning yourself. Maybe they will add a order column in the future to point to your ranking, would be pretty great.

Setting targets and making the effort to reach them is one way of keeping the eyes on the ball and dedicating your time and energy to get that to fruition. As any project in life needs to have a goal I want to grow within the LEO Finance community, use as much as possible the tools from this ecosystem and bring new insights and information from my knowledge and practice.

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