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By Behiver | behiver | 24 Nov 2020

LEO Finance community core values is to share useful crypto and financial information that can be used by its members to build wealth and get ahead of the game. The insight that you are gaining from here is important if you are able to listen for it and understand the times we are living. There is a lot of opportunity in the stocks markets, cryptocurrencies projects and trading as well as businesses in real estate or other means to invest and build your financial crypto.


What I like about LEO Finance is that the content creators from here simply share their knowledge which is quite priceless and allows for anyone to invest or get into specific opportunities in time. Hunting knowledge is one of my daily activities and I get important insight in different domains like stocks opportunities (TESLA, JD.COM, NIO etc.) , cryptocurrencies investments (ETHEREUM, RUNE) and decentralized finance (WLEO pool on Uniswap). Not only that you can grasp what these opportunities are, but the content from here usually describe step by step what you need to do in order to get yourself involved.


Information is power and knowledge puts that into practice, so we can think of LEO Finance also as a knowledge base for financial and cryptocurrency domains. You are not keeping in touch with what happens in the present in this space, but also what the future lays ahead and how you can forge yourself a bankless one. This is a journey that we can all take and put our mind to it and we can get very good and useful information from LEO Finance to build our financial future. This is what I love about it here and without a doubt the community from here is quite ahead of the others.

Everything that happens in the cryptocurrency space and with touching also HIVE blockchain on which LEO Finance is built upon, simply creates a perfect symbiosis and bring two worlds that we love in the same time. I have a great feeling when earning crypto through my blogging creations, rather than through trading or just holding. It is a feeling of accomplishment and seeing other recognizing my work put into that, my creativity or analysis, my vision or opinions on some aspects from the space is quite appealing.


Hunting knowledge is a reader mission on LEO Finance and getting that with some imagination and vision creates value. We need to teach ourselves based on what we read and experiment and be able to anticipate what happens in the future. Only this way we can be truly successful and keep the space with a light speed era in cryptocurrency and finance transformation. And to close this, just an inspirational quote given to us by Einstein.

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