CoinGecko – New portfolio feature used to track my LEO assets pairing them as wLEO

By Behiver | behiver | 27 Nov 2020

CoinGecko updated the listing for wrapped LEO few days ago and that is reflected also on the LEO Finance wallets where the feed is retrieving the price from it. Rather than getting the price for LEO from Hive-Engine where there is low liquidity and the gap between offer (BUY) and demand (SELL) is bigger, it is way better to use the Uniswap price which is reflected on CoinGecko. That brings transparency and awareness about the LEO cryptocurrency from LEO Finance ecosystem.


Now what CoinGecko added lately is a Portfolio feature which lets you track your cryptocurrencies. Having Wrapped LEO listed and considering a 1:1 pair between LEO:WLEO we can put in the portfolio the same amount of LEO and track the evolution here. At the same time we can put other cryptocurrencies like HIVE and track them all together and see an overall performance of our assets. We can easily click on the Wrapped LEO link and get additional details for it.

We can see some important notes about wrapped LEO and also updated information about it.

  • Notice 1: Do note that this is NOT a wrapped version of Bitfinex's LEO token but refers to the wrapped version of Leo token issued on the Hive blockchain.
  • Notice 2: Wrapped LEO has migrated to a new smart contract following the attack. For more information, please refer to Leo Finance's Official Blog.

This is a transparent information for any user and also refers to the fact that the current wrapped LEO is a migrated smart contract from the first version. The information was available starting with 24 November 2020 and this is reflected in the price chart. While at this moment there is still few usage reported on that as the time will pass the chart will be more meaningful. Nevertheless, I consider it a great tool at our fingertips to see the LEO price evolution and do a little bit of analysis and prediction based on the past data.


It is quite great to have this exposure for LEO Finance and for the LEO cryptocurrency as such platforms are sometime used to peak new investment opportunities. At the same time considering that CoinGecko aggregates so many cryptocurrencies, build a top from them and offer real time information it brings immense usage which can translate also into traffic for the Hive community. Nonetheless, these are the steps to build you name in the space and to be recognized for the true nature of the business.

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