Building my own business on the Hive blockchain is the only way to put my ideology in the world

By Behiver | behiver | 13 Apr 2024

On the Hive blockchain that are many businesses running and by looking at them I have my own comments on things that can be done better or even differently. But rather than complaining here and there or combating someone ways of doing things, I have realized that in order to put my ideology across in the world, I need to build and run my own business on the Hive blockchain. With this conclusion in mind, I need now to execute on that which is the biggest hurdle of them all. Ideas are crossing our minds on a daily basis, but picking the right one and implementing it is not as easy as to simply throw it out in the world and expect for it to happen. But after attempting and looking for different ideas that crosses my mind and which even moved up towards execution, but which proved failed attempts, I think that now I have a better path towards it.


Autonomy and expression

By building my own business on the Hive blockchain, I have the autonomy to shape every aspect of it according to my ideology. I should be able to put in place the practices and culture that align with the values and beliefs that I've grown with or depicted from other projects from this ecosystem.

Community engagement

Having my own project will offer a great platform for community engagement and activism and what a great place Hive is for that. This is the best place to mobilize resources, networking and to rally support for the project. By actively engaging with the community, one can foster collaboration, build networks, and amplify the growth, things that I am hoping to embed around it.

Innovative solutions

As a business owner, I have the opportunity to innovate and introduce new solutions that embody my ideology. I am thrilled just thinking that entrepreneurship allows to pioneer ideas and initiatives that can make a meaningful impact on the Hive blockchain in special and blockchain and crypto space in general.

Legacy and long term impact

For few years I felt that I need to build something on my own to leave my mark in the world. And what better way to do that while being surrounded by people believing in the same things and on a platform that encourages and supports that.


I hope that I finally found the path that I want to embark to and that I can execute. Previous failed attempts should help me now to better and advance more into the project that I am trying to build. I try to split and balance my personal life, work life and hobby life - the one around crypto and blockchain - and be able to have visible progress in all of them. It will not be easy, but I am determined to make the switch and build a sustainable project that I hope in the end will provide a source of income for me and for everyone that will be involved in it. Nevertheless I want to close this post with a conclusion that I've reached on my own and just to leave it up there for you to think of as well...

Building your own business is the only way to put your ideology in the world...

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