Patience And Crypto

By HattyHats | Beginning Crypto | 4 May 2022

Crypto is a great way to earn extra money on the side but earning a true livable passive income is hard to do. I have learned that instead of trying to earn as much as I can every day I need to start focusing on good content and trying to make a name for myself. When people see the name HattyHats I want them to know they are going to read or see good content. Do not get me wrong I want to earn a passive income eventually but what I want more is to be known for something. To be remembered for something. I want people to know when they see an article from me they are going to be reading good content.

Over the past 2 years I have been building up my name and trying to let people know what I am about and the sites I think are worth the time to check out. If I find something worth looking into I try my best to write about it as soon as possible. Of course, it takes time to find good sites and I have had my fair share of bad sites but what I want to do is eventually find sites that are going to be around for the long run and build a site I have been slowly creating called hattyhats.crypto. It is on the Ethereum blockchain so I have run into a gas fee problem at the moment but I am hoping when ETH2.0 is implemented I will be able to start building my site again.

I know you are probably thinking what does this have to do with patience and Crypto. It has everything to do with patience and Crypto. If you come in just trying to earn and not create good content then your chances of earning are slim to none. If you take the time to create your content and really try to help people then anything is possible. Also earning small amounts over time might not seem like a lot at the moment but over time and investing those earnings in the right places could be a game-changer in the long run.

Another thing I want to talk about is consistency. I try to write as much as I can but sometimes life gets in the way and you can not write as much as you want. Sometimes your supporters understand and sometimes they do not. The true believers will stick around for the long term but try to stay as consistent as possible. This will allow you to keep your viewers happy and help bring in more people. I have not been very consistent lately. Life can sometimes throw you curve balls. You just have to deal with them as they come and get back to the swing of things when you can.

Having patience is key while earning as well. It is a slow process when building liquidity or building a good amount of Crypto to stake. Unless of course, you are investing your hard-earned money which can be risky. I think the best way to earn is by using your free time to earn from sites such as this one and the other ones I have written about. I will share a list of the site at the end of this article. While you are watching a movie at night then earn while you watch. Use the free time you normally spend on social media to earn a little Crypto and you will be amazed at how much you end up earning every month. You can not expect to get right into earning a ton of money but over time that investing your earnings from the sites I have shared you can start earning a decent amount over time. This is why patience is key when you are trying to build your Crypto earnings.

I have learned over time that some sites I use are better used for advertising instead of earning and other sites are better for earning and not advertising. This has taken me a while to figure out and create a steady routine that brings in the most amount of earnings without doing so much work.

When I first started using earning sites I wanted to earn as much as I could as fast as I could, but over time I realized that it is not about earning the most from these sites right away but building a decent amount of referrals and helping others find ways to earn. The reason behind this is the more referrals you have the more passive income you will earn. The more people that you help find decent earning opportunities the more your name will get out there and more people will start to use your referrals because you are a trusted name.

I do not make a living wage right now ( nowhere near that actually) but I am learning a lot and slowly building a passive income. I want to help people learn how to do this and the only way I can help people is by sharing my journey and what I have learned along the way. A passive income is possible but takes time to build up if you are using earning sites and trying to get your referrals out there. You could of course invest a large amount of money into liquidity or staking but who has the money to do that. I know I do not so I have to do it the slow way.

I used to use these articles as my only way of spreading the word about sites I find but I have found out that using sites such as Cointiply, ADbtc, and CoinPayU for advertising is one of the best ways to get your links out there and have more people sign up. This took me a while to figure out and this is where patience comes in. You can not give up because you are not earning enough right away. You have to look outside of the box and try to find the best ways to do things. It will take time and learning but as time goes on things will start to get easier.

I know this is not a long article but I just wanted to remind everyone to be patient and any amount of earning is better than no earning. Over time you will start to earn more and more until eventually, you have a steady flow coming in. If you keep earning in your free time and investing what you earn in advertising, providing liquidity, and staking certain tokens then the sky is the limit. You just have to have patience and be willing to put the time and effort into earning.

Check out some of the sites I use and let me know what you think in the comments.

CoinPayz - CoinPayz is one of the newest sites I use but also one of my favorite. It is a fun site that allows you to earn from a faucet every 5 minutes and has multiple other ways to earn such as PTC (point to click), surveys, offer walls, and games. There is also a daily prize you get. If you sign in every day then your earnings go up and you get more money.

 Coinpot - This site is just like CoinPayz. It has the same type of faucet and withdrawal amount. If you like CoinPayz then I suggest checking this one out.

CryptoWin - CryptoWin is one of my favorite earning sites. You can earn 1 to 4 satoshis every 15 minutes. They also have a great PTC section. The minimum withdrawal amount is easy to achieve and you can withdraw to your FaucetPay wallet for quicker payments.

 adBTC - The highest paying PTC site I have found. You can make anywhere from 3 to 36 sats per click. Min withdraw is 1000 sats and you can reach this pretty quickly.

 CoinpayU - This is the second best PTC site I have found. Easy to use and you can make anywhere from 1 sat to 6 sats per click.

 FaucetPay - This is the best microwallet out there. This wallet is linked to almost all earning sites and makes it easy to hold your earned Crypto until you are ready to send it to your main wallet. When you decide to withdraw from this wallet it is very fast and only takes about 1 to 4 hours.

 Cointiply - One of the best-earning sites out at the moment. Multiple ways to earn and it is fun and rewarding at the same time. I like to use this site to promote my other sites. I get the most referral clicks from advertising on this site. If you do not use any site then I suggest at least using this one. They have now brought in a game called Cointiply Arena where you have fighters that earn you money every month.

 HideoutTV - Earn money just from watching video clips. I suggest checking this site out. If you want to know more about this site then check out some of my older articles. - is the best site to earn BCH by blogging or just writing about things you are interested in. - is a sister site to Instead of blogging to earn you earn from interacting with others. You can write posts to earn BCH or you can earn BCH by commenting and interacting with others.

PublishOX - This is my second favorite site to earn from writing. You can write about anything and earn AMPL or STA.

Torum - I have just started using Torum not that long ago but it is a fun site to use and you can earn a decent amount from it. I have not earned anything just yet but this site takes time and dedication to start earning. You need to build a following and post decent content to really start earning.

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I will be starting work in the next week or two so I will not be able to write as often. I will still try to write at least 2 articles a month but I need to focus on working so I can provide for my family. Crypto is a great side hustle but at the moment I need to have another form of income. Hopefully with time I will not have to work and make all of my money from writing and sharing sites such as these. Only time will tell but I will practice patience and see what the future holds.

I hope everyone enjoyed my article. Please like and follow for more content and to help my page grow. If you know of any other earning sites I did not share please let me know in the comments. I will check it out and write an honest review after I have tried it for a decent amount of time.

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Beginning Crypto
Beginning Crypto

I started messing with Crypto a long time ago and it has always kept my attention and made me believe in something bigger and better then the american dollar. I will keep using and learning about Crypto as long as I have free time on my hands.

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