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By HattyHats | Beginning Crypto | 10 May 2021

While I was searching through articles and trying to find my next way of earning and learning I came across Minds. What caught my attention is their token Minds. This token at the time of writing is around $2.40. You can check the live price at CoinMarketCap.


You can earn Minds by using their site and adding content. As long as your content is interesting and gets likes and comments you should do well. The site is very smooth and easy to use. At the moment I use read.cash, PublishOX, Floyx, noise.cash, and Odysee. This is a great addition to the already great selection of programs currently available! I wish I would have come across Minds a long time ago.


Minds has options to upgrade to minds plus ($50, a little high you would think, but with what I have been earning it just might be worth it. Even if I earn an extra $10 a month I would be happy. I am getting to do something fun and interact with like-minded people and make a little while I do it!) I think it might be a good investment where you can earn more and see the content you were not able to see before. I have signed up for a month for research purposes and if it goes well I will keep going with it. I met friendly people my first day.


The Layout of Minds kind of reminds me of Facebook's layout but without all of the unnecessary extra stuff and all of the unwanted ads. I have been using Minds for a little while now and have not been bombarded by ads. All I have gotten are positive comments and positive vibes.


I have not gotten payment from Minds yet, but I am not really in it to make a bunch of money. I am using sites like this because I believe in what they stand for. I am fed up with Facebook and I am all about finding the next social platform that actually cares about its users and supporters. I like the idea where you get paid for your content instead of your content being dissected and used to show you ads of what companies think you might want to buy.


The way Minds calculates their revenue and the way you get paid for your content is intriguing. Getting paid in Minds might not seem like a lot right now but with the way the market is going, there is a possibility of something great happening. You have to connect a compatible wallet, so you can have somewhere to send your Minds. You need to have a small amount of Ethereum to allow the transaction to go through. Here are the wallets you can use to connect.


This is what it looks like when you decide to transfer your coins to On-Chain (out of the wallet on the site and into your actual wallet).


Like I said I have not transferred any tokens yet but it seems fairly easy and I will update when I decide to transfer. I am going to try to keep my tokens on the Minds platform and maybe use them to upgrade my subscription.


Minds is easy to use and full of good-hearted people. It is a way to get paid for your content. The way it should have been all along. It is going to be because of companies like this that big tech companies will be losing so many people.

Minds also has a Mobile APP. I am not too sure about Android but I know for a fact they have one for iPhone. Here is a pic of what the layout looks like on your phone.


It is laid out like a lot of the big-name companies but like I said it is way better. The only problem right now is the lack of people using companies like Minds compared to Facebook and others. This is where people like you and me come along. If you help them grow and help more people join you make revenue from that for as long as Minds is around.

I hope you have enjoyed my article and take a second out of your day to check Minds out. I think you will like it. You might like it enough you move all of your friends and family over. You never know until you try.

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Crypto is my life. I will share the best earning and learning sites out there. When I find a site that is safe and trustworthy I will share it here. Check me out at https://beacons.ai/hattyhats

Beginning Crypto
Beginning Crypto

I started messing with Crypto a long time ago and it has always kept my attention and made me believe in something bigger and better then the american dollar. I will keep using and learning about Crypto as long as I have free time on my hands.

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