Earn Crypto the easy way

Earn Crypto the easy way

By HattyHats | Beginning Crypto | 19 Aug 2020

I have been trying to find ways to build my crypto up over the years and now I have started a nice little collection. The point of me telling you this is to show you what sites I use and roughly how much I make off each site each month if I stay on top of going to them everyday.

I am hoping everyone wants a little piece of crypto, they just do not know how to get there hands on it. No one wants to spend there hard earned money on something they are not sure of.

Taking around 15 min to a hour a day you can start building your way to holding a decent amount of crypto especially if the crypto market keeps showing a positive flow anything is possible.

I hope all of you enjoy these sites and I hope I can help some of you adopt more types of crypto.

I also use Atomic Wallet which hold a lot of different types of crypto and you can exchange at a fairly low rate on most coins. Well I hope you enjoy and please use my referral to help me get a little extra for sharing. Thanks everyone and good luck to you all. Peace and Love.


The first site I want to tell you about is Esfaucet. This is a great faucet site where you can claim from 13 different faucets. It takes a little while to work your way up but this site definitely pays. I have used this site for a little over 6 months and I make about $10 a month from it now. Please give it a try. If you want proof of payments I can post some. The website is below.



The next site I would like to tell you about is called faucetcrypto. This site you also have multiple coins to choose from to withdrawal. It starts off paying small but if you stick with it and try to get referels then it starts paying decent amounts so you can get small amounts of coin at a time. I do have to tell you I only use this site for its faucet and its ptc ads. The other things you can do brings up my virus warning and I am not comfortable with that. It still pays though and it does not take to long to get the the withdrawal amount. The site is below and I hope you enjoy.



The next site I want to tell you about is called GLOBALHIVE. This site pays in tezos and zcash and only pays once a day but pay right to your wallet every claim which is nice. Also if you use Brave browser you get a 10% bonus. I would give this a try so you can build up small amounts of crypto while we are all sitting at home wondering what is going to happen in the world.



I am a father of 2 that is just trying to make it without being oppressed by the man. I have just recently had a little boy. He was born in January 2020 and time has just been flying. This Virus has kept me on edge but crypto helps sooth that anxiety.

Beginning Crypto
Beginning Crypto

I started messing with Crypto a long time ago and it has always kept my attention and made me believe in something bigger and better then the american dollar. I will keep using and learning about Crypto as long as I have free time on my hands.

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