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By Earn With Hatty | Beginning Crypto | 14 Aug 2023

Discovering new play-to-earn opportunities is always exciting, and recently, I stumbled upon one that I believe is one of the best out there. If you’ve been following my previous articles, you might remember me talking about a platform called ZEBEDEE (ZBD). If not, make sure to check out my previous article titled “(ZEBEDEE + Hellfire) Play-to-Earn just got a whole lot better!” for all the juicy details.

ZEBEDEE has impressed me with its innovative approach to earning Bitcoin using the lightning network. The platform offers a growing selection of games that are not only enjoyable but also incredibly rewarding. Among the growing options available, “Bitcoin Miner” holds a special place in my heart.

In “Bitcoin Miner,” you get the chance to construct your very own pixel-type mining farm. Trust me, it’s an absolute blast! You can earn a decent amount of SATS (which are satoshis — fractions of a Bitcoin) on a daily basis. It’s the kind of game that keeps you engaged while helping you build your digital future.

Of course, that’s not all ZEBEDEE has to offer. In one of my previous articles, I discussed another thrilling game on the platform called “Hellfire,” which has been a favorite of mine since its release. The combination of “Bitcoin Miner” and “Hellfire” alone makes ZEBEDEE an incredible platform to dive into the play-to-earn ecosystem.

Just when I thought I had discovered the pinnacle of play-to-earn excitement, a notification on my phone opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Intriguing, right? And trust me, it only gets better from here. Let’s explore the world of ZEBEDEE and witness firsthand how play-to-earn is taking the world by storm.

Minecraft & Bitcoin

Imagine my excitement when I received a notification from the ZBD app on my phone not too long ago. The message was clear and straightforward, “Play Minecraft and earn Bitcoin.” As a die-hard Minecraft enthusiast, this caught my interest like nothing else!

You see, being a huge Minecraft fan is an understatement for me, it’s a passion shared by my wife and son as well. We’ve created our very own Realms server, where we gather almost every night to build our own Minecraft world. It is nothing special but it is our digital home.

Now, the idea of combining my love for Minecraft with the opportunity to earn Bitcoin is like a dream come true! The thought of exploring the huge virtual world of Minecraft while also reaping the rewards of the play-to-earn revolution is simply mind-blowing. I have played a lot of “play-to-earn” games and playing Minecraft server that uses Bitcoin as its currency is by far the best play-to-earn opportunity I have come across.

As I explore this new play-to-earn experience with ZBD and Minecraft, I can’t help but imagine the incredible potential it holds for passionate gamers like myself. Not only will we be enjoying our favorite game, but we’ll also be unlocking a whole new level of excitement by earning Bitcoin as we play.

So, if you’re a Minecraft enthusiast like myself or have a family that cherishes those blocky adventures together, you won’t want to miss the thrilling journey I’m about to share with you.

The Satlantis World


Satlantis is a word that has become dear to my heart. This extraordinary Minecraft server stands out from the rest, offering a unique opportunity to earn Bitcoin while indulging in the wonders of the game we all love. Now, you might be wondering if Satlantis is just another run-of-the-mill pay-to-play platform, but trust me, it’s anything but that.

Satlantis is more than just a game, it’s a vibrant community that brings together like-minded individuals who share a passion for both Minecraft and Bitcoin. And let me tell you, these are two of my absolute favorite types of people!

The brilliance of Satlantis lies in how it was meticulously crafted, with every piece perfectly fitting together to create an exciting and rewarding experience. When you step into this virtual world, you not only get to enjoy Minecraft but also have the opportunity to earn small amounts of Bitcoin — a real game-changer in the world of play-to-earn.

Curious about how it all works? Check out the video below or keep reading to get a brief walkthrough of the Satlantis server and the process of earning Bitcoin. Unlike traditional pay-to-play games, earning here is not just about being active. It is a rewarding journey that involves a little challenge, especially for those of us who are passionate about Minecraft.

Now, let me be honest — there’s so much to go over when it comes to Satlantis that I’ll do my best to cover everything I can. To start your play-to-earn adventure, you’ll need to have Minecraft Java Edition and make sure you’re on version 1.19.3. As for playing on other devices, I’ve heard rumors that it’s possible, but I must confess, I’m not that tech-savvy. If any of you know the secret to playing Java on other devices, please do us all a favor and share your wisdom in the comments below!

So, gear up for an unforgettable journey into the realm of Satlantis, where Minecraft and Bitcoin come together to create an experience like no other.

The Lobby

When you first join the game you will be brought into the game’s lobby. In the lobby, you will find 4 sections. Marketplace, Overworld, Mines, and a Leaderboard area. The lobby is your hub for everything in the game.

/lobby — The Lobby is where you are going to start. It is a place where you can find all of the areas on this server. There are four main sections. Marketplace, Overworld, Games, and a leaderboard section. Satlantis is huge and I am still finding new things so it is best to explore and see what you can find when you first join. Here is a short description of each section.


The marketplace is where you will go to trade in your mined diamonds, gold, and iron.

You can also buy gift cards using your sats which I think is pretty awesome. There are multiple stores to choose from such as Walmart, Starbucks, and many more.


Overworld is where you will build your “home”.

You will be able to claim a piece of land in Overworld by typing /claim at the spot you want to claim. You can claim 3 pieces of land for free and then it will cost you 6,000 sats. The more land you buy the higher the price will go. You can travel anywhere around the overworld and buy land. You do not need to buy land in just one place.


In this section, you can either play bedwards which is a survival-type game where you have to destroy other team’s beds and protect your own. You can also play chess and Elytra racing in the game section.


Image by James Osborne from Pixabay

Commands are used regularly during gameplay. Here are some of the top commands and what they are used for throughout the game.

/bp — This is one of the codes you will be using most often. This command is used to bring up your daily and weekly tasks. You can also find your rewards for completing your quests here.

/lobby — This command will take you to the lobby. You will be using this command often as well since you will need to go to the lobby to sell your mined goods every day.

/homes — This will take you to the land you claimed in the overworld. This is where you will set up your house, miners, and anything else you can fit into your land.

/mines — This is where you are going to go to collect all of your diamonds, gold, and whatever other blocks you need to mine. You will also find all of the mobs you need to kill for your daily and weekly tasks in the mines.

/ah — This command is for the shop. You can buy and sell pretty much anything in the shop. From my understanding, the shop is still in development. Sometimes you will have difficulty buying and selling at the moment. When you are ready to buy just click the item you want and then click the green glass on the left.

/ah sell (amount of sats) — when using this command you will need to have the item you want to sell in your hand.

/join clan (clan name) — Later in this article I am going to go over what clans are and why they are important.

/deposit — Use this command to deposit Bitcoin using the lighting network. All you need to do is scan the QR code that comes up using your ZBD app and send whatever amount you decide.

/withdraw — Use this command to withdraw to your ZBD wallet.

/l spawn (player's name) — This command allows you to go to any player in the game for trading and interact together.

/l spawn land (land name) — This command allows you to go to any land in the Overworld.

/msg (player Name) — This allows you to private message players.

/pay (Player Name) (amount SATs)— This allows you to pay players directly.

/cosmetics — This command shows you all the cosmetics that are available.

/mycosmetics — This command shows you your cosmetics. You can click any of these cosmetics that you own and it will put it in your inventory. You can then either equip it, sell it or put it in a chest for future plans.

There are a lot more commands so I suggest using /help or /guide to help along the way. Also, use the chat by using the T on your keyboard. The community is extremely helpful.

How to Earn

You do not start earning right away. There are a couple of different ways you can earn. Collecting and selling supplies, doing daily and weekly quests to get rewards such as cosmetics and ASICs.

I am going to go over how you can earn from cosmetics and mining (ASICs) to give you an idea of how the game works.

Selling items

You can sell your items using the shop (/ah) or you can sell your items directly to other players. You can post in the comments what you are wanting to sell and if someone is interested they will comment back and either you go to them or they come to you and you can use the /pay (players name) (amount) command to pay that player directly for whatever it is you are buying.

ASIC Miners

This is my favorite way to earn because it is fairly easy and fun. All you have to do is earn miners by doing daily and weekly tasks (or buy them) and set them up on your land and put emeralds in them. Emeralds are your power for the miners. As long as your miners have emeralds in them they will run. Each miner is 10 hashes.

How does Mining work in Satlantis?

Mining in Satlantis functions quite similarly to the real-world process of Bitcoin mining. Just like in actual Bitcoin mining, your mining strength in Satlantis directly influences your likelihood of securing rewards. The greater your mining power, the higher your chances of winning that block reward.

The mining process in Satlantis can be done by yourself or you can join a clan. By becoming part of a clan, you have more of a chance of getting the mining reward but a smaller reward will be received. Joining a clan is a good idea when you are fairly new. The more miners you accumulate the easier it will be for you to win the reward by yourself. At the moment I have 19 miners and I am part of the ZBDxAAA clan. I am planning on starting my own clan in the future if anyone is interested. Someone in the game comments told me it is a good idea to wait until you have at least 300 miners before you start mining on your own.

Satlantis not only mirrors the concept of real Bitcoin mining but also elevates the experience through collective teamwork within clans which is kind of like joining a mining pool but being able to interact with the other miners.

The clan I started with is ZBDxAAA. Use /clan list, to get the full list of clans.

Depositing & Withdrawing

I shared the codes for depositing and withdrawing above but here they are one more time for reference /deposit and /withdraw. Now we are going to go over how each process works.

Depositing (/deposit) — When you put this command on you will be shown a QR code. Use your ZEBEDEE app to scan it and send whatever amount you would like to send. Remember that Satlantis and ZEBEDEE use the Bitcoin lightning network so your transaction should be quick and have practically no fees.

Withdrawing (/withdraw) — Withdrawing can take up to 48 hours. You will have to send your sats to your ZEBEDEE wallet. When you are ready to withdraw you will use this command /withdraw (amount) [email protected] (or whatever your ZBD wallet is). You can find your wallet name/address by going to the ZEBEDEE app and clicking the plus sign in the bottom right of the app. Then click scan, and then at the top, you will see “My Code”. Click that and you will be shown your QR code and your name/address below that.

Remember to Have Fun

Image by Felix Lichtenfeld from Pixabay.

Satlantis is huge and has so much to offer. I suggest checking out the game and doing your research. This play-to-earn opportunity is one of a kind and is something I will be writing about and playing for years to come.

When you decide to check out Satlantis, I highly recommend taking it slow and savoring every moment. While it’s fun to earn Bitcoin while playing Minecraft, it’s important to understand that this experience goes beyond just chasing monetary rewards. Satlantis is so much more, it’s a world of boundless possibilities!

If your main goal is financial gain, Satlantis might not be the right fit for you. It’s not a quick scheme to get rich. Instead, it’s an incredible server where you can earn Bitcoin while playing one of the world's greatest games. The true beauty lies in the journey, the experiences, and the sense of achievement that comes with building your character and land.

Be patient and persistent, and you’ll witness the magic unfolding as you engage in daily and weekly tasks on the server. Little by little, you’ll start to see SATs flowing into your account, and that feeling of accomplishment will be all the more rewarding.

If, like me, you’re a huge Minecraft fan, dedicating time to build your character and land will be an enjoyable experience, not a chore. So, embrace the adventure, and take your time to explore the world of Satlantis.

Final Thoughts

Minecraft has always been a total gem of a game, and throwing Bitcoin into the mix? Well, that’s kind of mind-blowing, to be honest. Satlantis is packed with surprises that could easily land it the title of “top play-to-earn gig” out there. At least in my opinion.

Do you know what’s also mind-blowing? In Satlantis, every move you make, every block you break, it’s not just about leveling up in the game. You thought I was about to break out in song didn't you ; ). Nope, in Satlantis it’s bigger. It’s about snagging some real Bitcoin rewards for your efforts. Wrap your head around that. While you’re off on your pixelated adventures, you’re also lining your digital pockets with actual cryptocurrency. It’s like finding a secret bonus level in a classic game, but way cooler.

So if you are looking for a fun way to earn Bitcoin then Minecraft and Satlantis might be for you.

Here is my ZEBEDEE address if anyone is feeling generous 😎😂🤷🏼

[email protected]



Check out the list below for all of my favorite ways to earn online.

Blogging, gaming, writing, reading, listening, the sky is the limit when it comes to earning Crypto.

Faucets and PTC (Point to Click) Website/Apps

FaucetPay — read FaucetPay-Huge Update to learn more about this earning opportunity.

Cointiply — Earn BTC, DOGE, ETH, and LTC

GlobalHive — Earn ZEC

CoinPayz — Earn multiple different types of Crypto

Social Blockchain

Tangled — XLM

Torum — XTM

Uhive — (Code:VD4R7R)HVE2

Desofy — (Code:Fynxik)— DeSo

MAIN — MAIN token on BNB blockchain


LoftyAI — Real Estate that runs on the Algorand Blockchain. Buy fractions of Real Estate and earn Daily from your investment.

Atlas Earth — https://r.atlasearth.com/Ckwft0tG6Bb or use 0GNQNB

Blogging for Crypto!

Medium — You do not earn Crypto from Medium but you can use this amazing blogging platform to get your content out there. After 100 followers you can start earning money. It takes a little time but it is worth the effort.

read. Cash — Earn BCH

PublishOX — Earn AMPL , ETH, and SPT

G’day Fam — Earn XRP

Watch videos and earn

Slice — Earn Crypto or PayPal by watching Youtube or browsing!

Crypto Sense — Watch ads and play games. Withdraw from over 20 different types of Crypto!

Play to Earn

Womplay — Earn EOS, MATIC, pBTC

ZEBEDEE — Earn Bitcoin LN

Listen to Podcasts and earn Bitcoin

Fountain — Earn Bitcoin by listening to podcasts.

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