What is the COIN App? (XYO)

By MRDOWJONES | Beginners user guide | 18 Aug 2020

You’ve probably seen an ad or five if you’re an avid social media user - a picture of a phone with a funny looking device on top of it (called a sentinel). Maybe you've heard of XYO being used for supply chains, such as VeChain. Maybe you heard about how the organization was/is being used by the University of San Diego (California) to help with COVID-19 (coronavirus) contact tracing. asdf   Yup, an actual partnership with an actual institution for a REAL problem.    


This app has become incredibly helpful considering the lockdowns globally. Not much to do... not many places to go... so I decided to give it a shot.   In essence, what the COIN App is doing is verifying location data, and allowing YOU the profits, instead of the third party data brokers that most (probably all) of your other apps are doing. The project is and has been under development - at a certain point the end result will allegedly be a ‘decentralized GPS’.   An example being - I want to go to 1234 Disneyland Road. If I type that into a typical maps provider (Waze, Google Maps, etc) those third parties know that YOU have been shared location data with, and accordingly ping your current location soon as you hit the ‘go’ button on your travels.   Their parent company, XY Oracle is working on the actual data ocean and preparing the project. I’ll be providing posts on the entire network of XYO products this week, so hang tight.  


As mentioned, aside from boredom - this app has proven incredibly profitable for those who do a lot of driving (as they cover more ground). When I go do Uber, I use my spare phone to keep the app on so it captures the location data (called GeoMining) which I am rewarded for each and every GeoMine I hit.   As your COIN balance adds up, you can redeem them for the native cryptocurrency XYO - or Ethereum & Bitcoin. They’ve also added items like Cold Wallets (CoolWallet), The latest tech consoles (PlayStation 4), you can even redeem it for merchandise like hoodies and coffee mugs - with more to come.


  I’ve been going the route of redeeming for XYO itself. As mentioned, I will continue posting about this app and hints/tricks along with fundamental information (roadmap, etc). If you’re familiar with STORM token/app, this is basically the MUCH better version.   If you use my referral link, you’ll get 1000 COIN as a welcome bonus. Feel free to use it (or don’t, if you don’t like free bonuses)   https://coin.onelink.me/ePJg/1572911a  


TL/DR: (1) download the COIN App via link above (2) create your account (3) tinker around, go for a drive or a walk with the app open and watch as it accumulates COIN for you. (4) wait for further tips from yours truly on how to maximize your earnings   Happy mining everyone!

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Genuinely speaking I’ve learned better when I’m teaching, rather than just being taught something. Maybe it’s the repetitiveness or ensuring i understand the concepts but hope you guys enjoy what I’ve got, more importantly what’s coming 😌🥵😈

Beginners user guide
Beginners user guide

This blog will include posts of mine that help navigate users who are new to the market. It also will function as just an informative style that will include user guides, hints, tips, etc to the projects that i've gotten involved with.

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