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Liquidity mining, 10% staking, and EASTER FREE CRYPTO?

By MRDOWJONES | Beginners user guide | 21 Apr 2022

Yes it’s free, no it’s not just a satoshi here or there, it’s absolutely wild at the this app. 102% USDT/DOGE liquidity mining rewards, 9% rewards on saving stablecoins, a native coin (DFI) ((fairly certain it’s on Coinbase)).


i know it’s exciting but PLEEAAASE follow until the end of the post, there’s a ref code (that takes absolutely nothing from you) and still helps my broke buns make a few bucks. 

if you’re too angsty it’s 764457


I thought “meh probably only for the whales”. But upon further looking…. I really wish I had more friends in crypto so I couldn’t utilize this.

 So as you can see they’re making a big deal about it - even look at their leaderboard!! (Mind you I’ve used this app for 2-3 years, not a single problem, and they’ve always got incredible promotions. 

I only joined because there was a promotion where if you join you will get $20 and they’re token. And so I decided to hold it and within three months the token had tripled so I had $60 in that account and it had passed the withdrawal face I was able to withdraw the $60 no problem no fuss I really have zero complaints about this app and I honestly speaking and I genuinely think it’s one of the better apps in the crypto sphere. 

here’s the leaderboard;



I’m sure these people worked hard but it is draw jaw dropping to see that much money being dispersed to them. Basically what they’re doing is getting a bunch of referrals and also having those referrals enter in their code and the fun thing about this app is that when you do that both parties benefit.

I mentioned getting $20 as a promotion to join the app the person who referred me also got $20. Which I thought was pretty cool so I’d really appreciate it if you guys are used my referral code on this and even if you haven’t downloaded the app I would really really really recommend downloading it they have a bunch of options for liquidity mining they have a bunch of staking options, etc. It really is an interesting and what I feel is a sleeping giant, it’s the only app I’d allow to act as a “reserve wallet”.

 I really do think it’s going to become incredibly popular it’s right now it’s just a little more complicated to understand for the noobs. So if you haven’t joined, the question is what’s stopping you? 


((Provided are some examples of their services)) ^^^^


Well folks, that’s that. If you don’t download it for the referral, download it for the rewards and just incredible services: however please keep in mind I am living in a halfway house posting this from a government phone (Obama phone) so I’d really appreciate using my code: it doesn’t take anything away from you, doesn’t lessen your bonus or profits from their services, and it helps me a lot. Thanks guys, hope you’re all well! 


Here’s a direct link the app - Cake Defi


My code is 764457 — remember adding that won’t do anything to your progress moving forward; it’ll just help me: otherwise - I hope you guys enjoy the app! You won’t be disappointed 😀

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Genuinely speaking I’ve learned better when I’m teaching, rather than just being taught something. Maybe it’s the repetitiveness or ensuring i understand the concepts but hope you guys enjoy what I’ve got, more importantly what’s coming 😌🥵😈

Beginners user guide
Beginners user guide

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