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By Nevsie | Beginner in Crypto | 7 Oct 2020

Due to the relevant success of my previous question and answer article for Maker Dao on Coinbase Earn tutorials, I thought I would follow this up with a few more currencies. The process follows a simple path. Watch a video, answer a question, get your reward.

Celo is a digital currency powered by a two asset system.
For a faster, cheaper and more convenient transactions on your mobile, you have cUSD (Celo Dollars) a stable asset.
The main CELO asset is used for governance by the Celo community. It has a fixed supply and with it you can help shape the Celo Platform.


1. What is the Celo Platform?

The Celo platform aims to make financial tools borderless, easy to use, and accessible for anyone with a mobile phone.

Question: How does Celo give greater access to financial tools?

Answer: Making crypto available on mobile phones

2. What is CELO?

CELO (initially listed on Coinbase as cGLD) is the core utility, reserve, staking, and governance asset for the Celo platform. Everyone who owns CELO gets a say in how the platform evolves.

Question: What are 3 things CELO is used for?

Answer: Staking, governance, and stability

3. What can Celo Dollars do?

Celo Dollars (cUSD) are stablecoins that track the US dollar. Anyone with a mobile phone can send, receive, and store Celo Dollars using solutions built on the Celo platform.

Question: What can Celo Dollars do?

Answer: Using the Valora mobile app


Watching the videos is advisable, as after-all, learning about this Crypto Asset is what you are being "paid" for!

There is of course all the other items to learn about and earn. As it currently stands you can earn up to $121 dollars from the Coinbase Earn program - not something to be sniffed at! Two of the tutorials end with the option to earn via referrals to those specific questions - therefore if you are just about to start this lesson, please follow the links below - note these work even if you have already signed up. This rewards myself with the referral and rumors say it helps reduce the wait time too. If others wish, please enter your referrals below in the comments - and we can all get a little bonus.

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If anyone feels I have missed anything important, and it would be helpful to add - please let me know below.
Thanks all.

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