Which coin (XMR, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DOGE) is most profitable to claim on

By WhiteWalrus | Beer Money | 11 Oct 2020


Hello Publish0x readers! When you visit a multi-coin faucet, which coin do you claim? Some of you are fans of a specific coin, so its a no brainer for you. Other people just want to sell it for something else (like BTC, ETH, LTC, or another favorite coin). Others just want random coins. Whatever your choice is, that's perfectly good.

Most profitable coin


If you are looking for the most profitable coin, this is the article for you.

I took a list of all the coins on and show you how much you can expect to claim with the free account and how much it is worth in USD. The chart below sorts it by USD with the highest value first. Some coins have empty wallets, so make sure you verify what you can claim.

Below is an image from today (11 Oct 2020), but if you click on the picture or link below, you'll get the most up to date pricing. most profitable coin to claim :


(refresh the page if the prices do not come up as they are pulled real-time from coingecko)

  • coin: coin ticker symbol
  • usd_value_1coin: how much 1 coin is worth in USD
  • faucet_claim_amt: with free account, how many coins you can expect for 1 claim
  • withdraw_tx_fee: how much native coin it will cost to perform a withdraw tx (incomplete)
  • free_3x1: how many coins you can expect in your wallet after 3 claims on free account
  • free_usd: what is the USD equivalent of the 3 claims you made on free account

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If you found this post useful, please tip and register on the freefaucet site if you want to claim on a high paying faucet. You can also earn more coins from reading forum posts (BRAZ) and pay-to-click advertisements (BTC).

Tip Incentive


If tips go above $1.00, I will:

  • enhance the chart to show historical daily prices of claims. You are unlikely to sell daily, so having a 7, 14, 28 days average might help you strategize about what you will claim

If tips go above $2.00, I will:

  • make another chart to show how profitable (or not) the various premium packages are

If tips go above $3.00, I will:

  • have forecasting feature in the premium packages. For example, if you take 50% of the max USD value of a claim, is the premium package still profitable?

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