What Is Your Body Language Trying to Tell You?

By Coyotaki | ... BEAUTY INSIDE OUT ... | 19 Apr 2021

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Every Action You Take

Every movement, whether it's a simple head tilt or fidgeting, tells a story. When you talk, do you look down? Do you want to experiment with your hair? Do you have a tendency to lean to one side? Learn what your body language is saying to you, as well as what others are saying to you.

How to read faces

Brushing Your Hair Away From Your Face
This dance, which combines nerves and flirtation, aids in highlighting and framing your feminine properties (think face and neck). It's no surprise that it's a must-have for a promising date.

Smiling. Botox is a no-no! According to Anita Barbee, a professor of social work at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, the only genuine smile is one that involves the use of eye muscles. It's possible that people who smile for more than five seconds and only with their lips are lying. Smiling often at work can make an individual seem less serious.

Blinking. Six to eight times per minute is the usual blink rate. When you're stressed, though, you'll blink more often and dramatically. At the next big meeting, you want to know who's stressed out and who's as calm as a cucumber. It's in the eyes.

Lip Nibbling is a term used to describe the act of nibbling one's lips. When you bite, suck, or lick your lips to comfort or soothe yourself, you're attempting to comfort or soothe yourself.

Scratching Your Nose. Make sure you don't get caught in a lie. According to psychologist Michael Cunningham, a professor of communication at the University of Louisville, "when a person lies, it's always followed by an adrenaline rush." Capillaries expand as a result of this publication, causing the nose to itch. Another telltale sign is a long stare. A liar also compensates for being seen as shifty by concentrating excessively on the facts.

Sending Darting Glances. This catch-your-eye game, which is typically played between guys and girls, tends to represent your jumbled thoughts. Is he fond of me? Do I think he's attractive? Is it okay if he comes over here? In addition, unlike a direct gaze, the back-and-forth variety is a safeguard: You need not feel excluded if he does not contact you.

Closing Your Eyes. You're attempting to block out some auditory or visual cues by rubbing, covering, or shutting your eyes for more than a blink. It's a defense mechanism to keep the brain from handling something unpleasant or dangerous.

How to Read Bodies.

Standing With Legs Together. This conservative stance denotes deference, says Goman.

Standing With Legs Apart. According to Goman, this posture, with feet and legs shoulder-width apart, communicates superiority and determination. When asserting your point of view in a debate or discussion, literally stand your ground. Place your hands on your hips for added support. This is a conventional power place.

Leaning. It's no wonder that you gravitate toward people you like and avoid those you don't. Are you on a date? Take note of your companion's—and your own—direction. Confidence is built by subtly mirroring gestures.

Your Arms are Crossed. Don't jump to conclusions: this pose isn't always associated with frustration, but it is a defensive posture when combined with crossed legs. Take in your surroundings. This stance usually indicates that an individual is cold. Many people even find it relaxing, according to Cunningham.

Walking. The way you walk says a lot about how people see you. Quick strutters seem to be efficient and knowledgeable, as if they have an essential task to complete. Upbeat personalities are associated with those who have a "bounce in their step." Walk from heel to toe for a purposeful stride. (It's interesting to note that most men land on their heels, while most women land in the middle of their arch.)

Sitting. If you're unsure, spread out. Taking up space, such as fanning out the papers in the boardroom rather than piling them in a small stack, communicates value. Sitting with your legs apart, on the other hand, conveys to others that you are wide and strong.


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