Beats4Change presents Abramz & Breakdance Porject Uganda

By beats4change | beats4change | 30 Aug 2020


♫ Music is the weapon for the givers of life ♫



Abramz Tekeya & Breakdance Project Uganda

Abramz started dancing as a kid, and began rapping in 1992. As such he often cooperate with Sylvester Kabombo
Founder of Breakdance Project Uganda, a NGO that use breakdance and hiphop as a way to work for social change and social responsibility. The project is known through the movie Bouncing Cats

Featured Track

Lead me to the Water

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Music is the weapon for the givers of life In a spirit of freedom and love, with no economical calculations and political power games, let us find the inspiration, the vision and the strength to meet life in a creative sustaining way


Beats4Change encourage cultural activities to raise awareness and funding for sustainable development of caring communities

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