Not your Typical Waifu! NFT in your favorite 2D girl.

By RuffaRuf | BCH Earning Site | 18 Mar 2021

There's a lot going on in crypto world, in some I can't go with ride and I will just watch them hype on this particular one. If only I'm smart enough to learn every more detail of it, I will really study it hard. But because I'm the daughter of Mr. Laziness and Mrs. Dumb I can't do it even if I want to, lol.

Anyway, let's talk about NFT today or the Non-fungible token. NFT is a cryptographic assets that has a unique identification code. And they are called non-fungible token because they are not transposable because of their rare quality. You can buy the original versions of this from artwork to pop albums or just like Waifu's. (Source)

There is this one person in who loves to share his waifu on his timeline I thought he is just an anime lover who is obsess in 2D girl anime, I always tease him that they won't love him back and all and then arghh, I'm regretting it now, but I thought wrong because this waifus is actually an NFTs and can be sold using Bitcoincash, you can also buy some of it using our Bitcoincash in the Waifu's Juungle and not in Amazon Jungle, lol.

There is actually a faucet for Waifu's before that give free waifu and you can store them in Zapit app that is available in Play store. But due to the limited number of waifu's which has 30,000 only, it is now scattered on the hand of those waifu's hunters. All of them was already claimed by those hunters because of their love on this art.

And the only thing that you can do now to have your own waifu's is to buy it in the Waifu's Juungle. Click me if you are interested and explore the Juungle of Waifu's. You can see a lot of waifu's there, with different prices depends on the sellers price. I suggest that buy some now while the price is still cheap, you can either hodl it or sell it in your preferred price.


Start your Journey in Waifu Juungle.

[Get Started]

Because there is no available waifu on the Waifufaucet anymore to collect free Waifu, let's go to the Juungle directly and register there. You can do Buy and Sell there and you can start your Waifu Journey now.

Note: is an alpha version so a bug or any problems can be encounter. Report here if a problem occurs.



b3112f63334d3223d41c5d88364155c5dcc1c99701b55f9743e2affab60c6782.png is a user friendly site and it is easy to navigate. You can even explore it on your own and register there without any hassle. You will just need you email address and a strong password, confirm it in your email address and voila. You can now start you journey in the Juungle full of from the cutest, prettiest and to the rarest Waifu.




You can start at the Marketplace and look for a Waifu that you like. There's a list there you can choose from Recent Items to Oldest Price Change. But off course it is best to go in the Lowest Price page. Aside from that, there's a new update in Juungle and that is a new collections of NFT's, just look at the screenshot above. 


Once you are settled and already choose the Waifu you like, you can just Tap the Picture and this will pop-up. You can just scroll it down. You can tap the Confirm Purchase and wait for it.


a437fa151471cb14bea2ee94279968c6820d454664f5e8dc719fe2225c26ec3f.pngRReady your Bitcoincash to purchase this waifu. You can screenshot the QR Code and scan it in your Bitcoincash wallet. You just have to pay the amount that is indicated there and once you scan it amount will automatically appear. If you are using then this one will be very easy. Any wallet can be use as long as you have Bch there. 


Once done, this will pop-up on the page with the message  "Purchase of Ansha Kurita is complete and has been sent to your wallet." You can see your purchased waifu in your account.


On the Main page, tap the 3 lines that you can see at the top corner of the page and choose My Account, all of your assets will be there together with other settings.


You can see them at the "Unlisted Assets." Meaning you haven't listed it yet to sell that Waifus. It will appear in you "Listed Assets" once you sell it. To sell it you just have to do this.



If for example you bought your Waifu at 0.001BCH then you can sell it at 0.005 BCH. Depends on you, you're the owner of that Waifu now so you're the one who will decide on the prices. But since Juungle and Waifu is still young there still a big change that all of this will become bigger. So just Hodl on to your Waifu, buy now until the price is still cheap and then sell it once it boom.



Once the Waifu you listed as sell was sold, an email will be sent your email address, you can see it in your Sold Assets. Guys, I buy this for like 0.0015 BCH and I sold it for 0.005 BCH. So I gained profit from it.



You can visit ans Join our Telegram account if you want and if you have more questions.


You can see all of your Waifu's in a big picture in Waifu Camp. You just have to login using your Juungle SLP address.

I wish we can have Husbando too, not just waifu ☹️. As off now I have 10 waifu on my account, 3 of them was still listed and not sold yet. Most of them was purchased on a cheap price, and I love all of them. I plan to just hodl them and maybe I will add more once I found a good one on the market.

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