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(MSF) Setting Up Raindrop BOT for Moon Stake Farm

By bbrujas | bbrujas | 4 Jun 2021

Setting up Raindrop BOT for Moon Stake Farm

A nice experience with the blockchain

I am bringing here my personal experience while digging into an interesting project that is building up over the Binance Smart Chain, the Moon Stake Farm project.

At the end of the post you’d be able to gather any related link mentioned during your readings.

I got to know MSF through one of my favorite TG Gems discussion channels, RedRoomGorilla. They are also in twitter and I like they way it keep it, clean and polite, in there. :)

So, in terms of the MSF project, pretty sure you haven’t heard about them yet, let me copy kind of their Elevator Pitch, from their site:

A next gen DeFi protocol that gives rewards and power in the hands of project supporters aka token holders. The protocol has a controlled inflation system to reward the community and to encourage the people providing liquidity to the DEX.

It also has a deflationary mechanism which burns a certain percentage on each transaction as and a flexible taxation system to be used for liquidity, charity, rewards or whatever is vouched for by the community. All in all its a highly customised package to the moon and there is no stopping!”.

The thing that captured my interest so far, is the compensation/tipping mechanism they have put in place in order to help building the project, a bot that enables the community members to recognize actions that help or are good for the project but, as I said before, I am not getting into MSF tokenomics. Better check their whitepaper at project website.

What I am bringing here is not a financial advise, but a tutorial, a personal experience and the recognition for their well behave and manners, something that actually is not seen as often as one would like.

So let me explain you all this:

I got into the MSF TG chat group following the invite from on of the admins and, after introducing my self, I got tipped with 50 MSF by one of the admins in the community.

  • How did that admin tipped me?

  • Using a BOT

  • What? A bot?

  • Yes, a BOT.

It wasn’t the first time I interacted with a bot, but I reckon that, until then, I hadn’t seeing any benefits than the actual SPAM filter or the groups analytics (quite good both), so I badly wanted to understand how this bot worked, and I am bringing here my short experience while configuring it.

Ok, so there we go:

Setting up Raindrop BOT for the MoonStakeFarm official TG group:

I got a new address from my wallet and associated it with this project (is my own practise, to keep separated wallets for separated projects, and also a good way to distinguish earnings from the different investments you are in).

You’ll need to get to the telegram group and join the community there.

Once you have reached it, take a time to introduce yourself, despite not being a superactive group, there is already a community there working hard to set up the project.

Next you will want to do is learn a bit about the commands available with Raindrop BOT, so directly message raindrop_bot and ask it to start. You do this by typing the command: /start in the chat.

After a welcome message, Raindrop BOT will propose you to start tipping and ask you for a wallet address.

Raindrop BOT start command

Instead of directly adding, I rather asked Rainfdrop BOT for a little help on what he could do with the /help command:

RaindropBOT help command

Awesome, an amazing set up to reward your community members and airdrop distributing, there. Quite interesting!

So, next step for me was to check for my ballance, of course, cou can ask Raindrop BOT for it with the command /balance:

RaindropBOT balance command

I was not able to believe, but the 50 MSF tipped by the MSF admin where already there, so I wanted to recognize the good gesture and, automatically, I tested the /rain command and sent directly all the amount I received back to the rest of the users. That was kind of fun, as a learning thing. :)

RaindropBOT rain command

What happened here? Well, if you look carefully to the screen, I already asked the bot to raindrop my 50 MSF token among 10 arbitrary users of the TG Chat, and automagically, all of them received the tip. Instantaneouslly, apart from the enthusiasts that appreciate the raindrop, and an admin gently remind me about it and tipped me again with the same amount i distributed. That was so kind from them.

So I had this 50 MSF tokens in my wallet, and I decided I might look into taking them out and see, so next step was to set up an appropriate address I could use to pick up my MSF tokens. For that, you can ask Raindrop BOT with the command /changeaddress.

RaindropBOT changeadress command

And, when checking my balance, I could see that the wallet was updated to the one I specified.

RaindropBOT balance command

As with any other contract on the BSC, it uses BNB to fuel the transactiosn, so in order to move your MSF’s from there, you’ll have to send BNB to the Raindrop BOT to move youir tokens.

The delivery of any token to the Raindrop BOT has three ordered steps:

  1. Ask Raindrop BOT for an address to send the tokens.

  2. Send the tokens and wait for the transaction to be accepted.

  3. Ask Raindrop BOT to check for the transaction for the token chosen.

First of all, you will need to ask Raindrop BOT for the address to send those BNB, that is performed using the order /deposit. Once you type that, Raindrop BOT will show you a message with the address you have to send the tokens to.

RaindropBOT deposit command

Don’t press the Check BNB yet!.

Go to your preferred wallet, and make the preferred amount transfer of the token you need. In this example, I sent a few amount of BNB to ensure everything went right and be able to provide gas for Raindrop BOT transactions:

RaindropBOT check BNB transaction

Once you have the confirmation of the transaction, you can come back to the chat with Raindrop BOT and ask him to confirm the transaction. That is done with the Check BNB Button in the chat:

BSC transaction success  details

If everything has gone as expected, you’ll see the confirmation right below:

RaindropBOT deposit success message

And again, you can check your balance to ensure everything went all right!

RaindropBOT balance command

And there you are! You have already configured you Raindrop BOT to engage with the MSF community.

Disclaimer and recognition:

The process of configuring Raindrop BOT is not easy as expected yet, and I manage to made it thanks to the MSF community willingness to help, and the kindness of the admins and developers that were around and jumped in when I accidentally screwed the things while configuring.

That is another reason that made me share this tutorial, so others can benefit from it.

I hope it helps you as well.

For any doubt, engage with the MoonStakeFarm community at their Telegram Channel, they will be pleased to help.

For first steps on Doing Your Own Research, please find below some related links.



MSF Group link: https://t.me/moonstake_official

MSF Site: https://www.moonstakefarm.finance/

RedRoomGorilla Twitter account: https://twitter.com/RedRoomGorilla

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