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By bbrujas | bbrujas | 5 Jun 2021

Hi all Publish0x!

I came yesterday sharing my experience with the MSF team after trying to configure the Raindrop BOT. After having played with it a bitm, and bearing in mind the potential that such a tool has to leverage community building, today I bring you a longer Raindrop BOT tutorial with all the features available at this moment for the Moon Stake Farm official TG channel. Hope you find it useful!

Setting up Raindrop BOT for the MoonStakeFarm official TG group:

Start the bot by directly messaging the comand /start in the private chat.

After a welcome message, Raindrop BOT will propose you to start tipping and ask you for a wallet address.

Raindrop BOT start command

Configure your BSC wallet address

In order to send and receive tokens with Raindrop BOT, you’ll have to set up your wallet address.

As an advise, at least create a new account in your wallet for this token, so that you can distinguish the project transactions from others. :)

To set up your wallet address, you instruct Raindrop BOT with the command /changeaddress:

Raindrop BOT change address command 

Raindrop BOT will ask you for the address you want to set up and inform you when it is updated.

Feed the RaindropBOT with BNB for transactions gas costs

As with any other contract on the BSC, Raindrop BOT needs BNB to fuel the transactions so, in order to move your MSF’s from there, you’ll have to send BNB to Raindrop BOT to move your tokens.

The delivery of any token to Raindrop BOT has three ordered steps:

  1. Ask Raindrop BOT for an address to send the tokens.

  2. Send the tokens and wait for the transaction to be accepted.

  3. Ask Raindrop BOT to check for the transaction for the token chosen.

Ask Raindrop BOT for the address to send those BNB using the command /deposit.

Raindrop BOT will show you a message with the address you have to send the tokens to.

Don’t press the Check BNB yet!

Raindrop BOT wallet address

Go to your preferred wallet, and make the preferred amount transfer of the token you need and once you have the confirmation of the transaction, you can come back to the chat with Raindrop BOT and ask to confirm the transaction. That is done with the Check BNB Button in the chat:

raindrop BOT confirm BNB transaction 

If everything has gone as expected, you’ll see the confirmation right below:

Raindrop BOT transaction confirmed 

And again, you can check your balance to ensure everything went all right!

raindrop bot check balance command 

And there you are! You have already configured you Raindrop BOT to engage with the MSF community.

Asking Raindrop BOT to send you your MSF Funds

Whenever you want to withdraw any of the funds you have in your Raindrop BOT account, take into account that you’ll need, at least, a minimum of 500 MSF to be withdrawn.

You can check your balance with the command /balance:

raindrop bot comand check balanance 

So, once you have more than 500 MSF and some BNB to fuel the transaction, instruct Raindrop BOT to send them with the command /withdraw:

raindropbot withdraw command

And there you are!

Raindrop BOT will have your funds delivered to the wallet you specified in a few hours.
(the message says in the next 48 hours but it ussually happens in very short time after requesting – network congestion affects here also).

transaction tip


Tipping and RainDropping funds to community members.

One of the most interesting things about Raindrop BOT is that it allows you to reward and thank the rest of the community efforts or a simple happy and brightly day, with a bit of your MSF.

This all goes around community governance, reputation and building a solid base for the project to establish, which is a topic quite hot under the Cryptocurrencies ecosystem at this moment and there will be an specific post to abound on it as it is a dense matter.

Back to the process, whenever you want to reward or celebrate, as said, you can have it in two flavours:

If you want to send a direct reward to someone for something that anyhow touched you, just choose to reply the message of the person you want to thank and use the command /tip follwed by the amount of MSF you want to tip:

raindrop bot tip command 

As soon as Raindrop BOT reads this, will tip your MSF directly to the account of the tipped user.

If, for any reason you feel like willing to distribute wealthness among the community, you can also “rain distribute” some MSF tokens in a random manner to your community.

This is done with the /rain command, followed by the amount of MSF tokens you want to rain and the amount of users you want to get benefit from it:

raindrop bot rain command 

As soon as Raindrop BOT reads your message, will raindrop random users distributing among them the amount you choose to raindrop.

And that’s all for now, nice, right?

Note: TIP and RAIN have no fees at all, as they are managed by the Raindrop BOT mechanism.

Disclaimer and recognition:

The process of configuring Raindrop BOT is not as easy as expected yet, and I manage to made it thanks to the MSF community willingness to help, and the kindness of the admins and developers that were around and jumped in when I accidentally screwed the things while configuring.

For any doubt, engage with the MoonStakeFarm community at their Telegram Channel, they will be pleased to help.

For first steps on Doing Your Own Research, please find below some related links.



MSF Group link: https://t.me/moonstake_official

MSF Site: https://www.moonstakefarm.finance/


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