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(MSF) MoonStakeFarm – Staking and Liquidity Providing

By bbrujas | bbrujas | 7 Jun 2021

So, you have DYOR and decided to get into MSF?

There are two ways you can do it:

- Becoming a Holder

- Providing Liquidity

For both options you’ll have to go through PancakeSwap V2.

MSF is designed to simplify the way you get your earnings.

Based on its tokenomics, Moon Stake Farm doesn’t require yo to stake your MSF tokens into any pool. Just by holding them, you are eligible for your corresponding fees rewards.

MSF distributes the earned fees among holders and liquidity providers by airdropping them so, whereas you are a holder or a liquidity provider, you can directly reach the project site and claim your corresponding Airdrop in a daily basis.

Amazing, right?

As mentioned, there are two ways to get these earnings.

The simplest one is to become a MSF holder.

You can get MSF in Pancake swap (get the link directly from the site):

Buy MSF tokens

For MSF token, if you accessed directly from the link provided in the MSF site, you’ll have preselected the MSF token as the output token for the exchange (check you have the right token at the MSF site):

Exchange MSF Token

If you want to provide Liquidity, head to the Liquidity section of PancakeSwap and choose the corresponding pair you want to create:

Add MSF liquidity

Remember you have to provide same value of both assets.

After getting your MSF and/or LP tokens:

MSF and LP tokens

Head to MoonStakeFarm project site and click on “CLAIM HOLDERS AIRDROP” and confirming the transactions on your preferred wallet.

MSF Claim Holders Airdrop

From that very moment and until you have no MSF tokens in your wallet, you will be able claim the fees as much as in a daily basis. Bear in mind that your token airdrops do not expire, so you can adjust your airdrop claim to the rate that better suits you (daily, weekly, every forthnight…)

If you decided to also provide Liquidity to MSF, introduce in the site the amount of LP Tokens you want to provide, click approve and confirm in your wallet.

Once the approval for staking is done, you will have to stake the amount chosen and again agree to the transaction in your wallet.

After the STAKE transaction has been confirmed, you can press the “CLAIM LP AIRDROP” button and confirm the transaction.

MSF LP Staking process

Since that moment, you will start earning your corresponding MSF tokens rewards and compounded in a daily basis. Adjust your Airdrop claiming strategy to maximise your benefits.



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