Is BiblePay a good way?

By BordBorg | BBP BiblePay | 4 May 2021

I stumbled upon BBP while trading on SouthExchange

I was interested seeing what it was all about due to the chosen name: "Biblepay" 'It peak my interest.

Biblepay is a US based Christian Crypto that donates 10% of their generated coins to orphan charities.

And with just reading that, I was more interested. Donating to those in need across the globe has always been the humane thing to do. Why not help others if you can??

So far there are only 3 Charities posted on their site they donate to now. With the offer to all to add more which I'm sure needs to hold  "Christian faith"

in the charity. Which, of course, is okay. there is nothing wrong with holding faith.

And helping others, well that is what those who can do, should do. 


Staking, mining, and Masternodes are also available on the site with links to set it up.


It is a class C coin.  Gecko ranked #1606 

C: Mid-low-level coins. There is some publicly available information. They may or may not be actively developed. Many people in the crypto world has heard of them, but many haven't. In general their networks work fine, but in some cases blocks may be slow to be generated. Investment in these coins is considered moderately risky.

I did my own research, as all should do, and it seemed to be a "why not".

With the current supply ratio  2,553,581,258 / 5,200,000,000 and the current low fluctuating value, I decided to go with it.

I traded some BTC, and gathered an abundance of these "godly" fueled coins on SouthExchange. Downloaded the windows and iOS wallets to see transaction time and fees.  It went smoothly to the wallet on my laptop, low fee and quick confirmations.

And I ran into some issues with the iOS  app. I showed the transaction was completed, but the app would not sync to the blockchain node and nothing.

I was worried a bit thinking I was scammed since the iOS app would not sync.  IS IT A SCAM??

After getting such quick assistance and help thru the forum and a few emails from the mobile support,  I ended up syncing the iOS wallet to the node manually and my funds appeared.  And I have not had any issues sending and receiving thru the iOS.

So it seems the issue is with the mobile app itself and may require an update to link and sync.

Now since I've decided to grab these, I had become active on the forum and connected with many others and have a nice gain between 26%-38% and have to say, it seems to be a good coin to hodl for a bit. But this is from my own results over a 3week period.

some links





I know my blogs are short but thank you for reading. 

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BBP BiblePay
BBP BiblePay

Christian based Cryptocurrency

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